Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid (Switch): Software updates (latest: Ver. 1.3.0)

On this page, you will find all there is to know about the Software updates for Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid on Nintendo Switch (originally released on March 26th 2019 in Europe and North America)!

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Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid – Ver. 1.3.0

  • Release date: July 10th 2019 (Europe, North America)
  • Patch notes:


  • When a player can attack during their landing frames has been dramatically improved. Upon landing, you can now attack on the second frame (down from the fifth frame). Moves that can be performed upon landing include all ground-based attacks, forward dash, and back dash. I.e., you can now properly execute “empty jump lows”.

  • Adjusted how and where characters fall to when coming in from Swap Strike and KO, preventing literal edge cases where the incoming character would pass through the screen edge.

  • Weapon attacks now cause spark effects, Power Rangers style!

  • Assist Takeover effects have been added.

  • Camera shake effects improved for all attacks and hit reactions.

  • KO visual effects have been added.

  • Crouching hit reactions added, with certain attacks having explicit “force standing” properties.

  • Pushblock slightly reworked: startup increased to 3 frames, up from 1. Pushblock hitpause against attacker decreased from 7 frames to 3. Hitpause inflicted on the pushblocker during air pushblock has been completely removed (was 7 frames). Air pushblock now allows the pushblocker to attack on the way down after blockstun ends. Overall, pushblocking should feel better to use in most cases. Pushblock sound effect has been changed to a more distinct “pew!” sound, differentiating it from the normal blocking “thk!” sound.

  • Throw range has been normalized across the board. Generally, range has been decreased for characters with strong “kara throws” and “slidey throws”.

  • The knockdown state at the end of wall bounces is now an OTG-able state. Supers and Swap Strikes can pick up characters knocked down by wall bounces.

  • Splat knockdowns are OTG-able. Dragon Armor Trini and Gia Moran have splat knockdown attacks with their jump medium attacks.

  • Dragonzord’s heavy attack (Tail Slam) now causes a splat knockdown when hitting a grounded opponent.

  • Assists now ignore the juggle limiter system, allowing players to extend their combos to the fullest. E.g., a max limit combo extended with Gia’s whip assist, then finished off with the point character’s Super attack should work.

  • Removed assist physics box during their incoming descent to prevent them from getting in the way of certain extension combos.

  • Removed assist physics box during the tauntout phase so that assists don’t get in the way as they teleport out of the arena.

  • Assists are now only vulnerable for the first 12 frames of their taunt-out animation, making it less likely for them to have their teleport out effect interrupted.

  • Removed the physics from point characters leaving the arena (i.e., the swapped out point character no longer obstructs opponent’s movement).

  • Most Supers now crush and bypass armor. E.g., Cenozoic Blue Ranger’s Super will beat Dragon Armor Trini’s Back Special (Jetrush).

  • All Megazord attacks crush and beat armored moves.

  • Certain attack visual effects (like slash swooshes and muzzle flashes) dissipate appropriately and no longer linger (e.g., hitting Gia out of her air Special).

  • Fixed an issue where hitting an incoming character would continue to progress the combo counter.

  • Fixed an issue where hitstun decayed to absolute zero too early, causing certain Super and EX attacks to drop at the end of a combo.

  • Fixed an issue where jumping attacks would snap lower than their character model (like Gia’s jumping light).

  • Forward dashing: normalized cancel windows for all characters. Dash mobility within character classes should feel similar. E.g., Rangers can attack and block out of forward dash at similar timings, while big body characters have less lenient forward dash cancels.

Tommy Oliver (MMPR Green)

  • Forward Special (Charged): descending hits are now considered jumping attacks, and must be blocked standing. Hitboxes have been improved as well. However, his assist is not considered an overhead and can be blocked crouching. Blockstun has been improved.

  • Airborne Special: physics box adjusted, preventing Green Ranger from crossing up and causing the opponent to run into it unexpectedly.

  • EX Attack: startup reduced to 15F, down from 16F, with the first hit now causing a stagger, making it more reliable. All hitboxes have been improved.

  • Back medium (Axe Kick): frame 11 upper hitbox is now an AntiAir type, giving Tommy a way to punish airborne opponents directly above him. The overhead hit (second hitbox), grants more frame advantage on hit, making it easier to link into standing and crouching light. First few frames of back medium are invulnerable to jumping attacks, as well.

  • Back dash is now cancelable with special attacks, making it feel more responsive.

  • Pre-Super flash physics box has been fixed.

  • Fixed an issue where Tommy would transition into his forward Special automatically after a back throw.

  • Swap Strike hitbox has been significantly improved.

  • Fixed an issue where attacks out of crouching heavy caused Tommy to slide backwards.

Jason Lee Scott (MMPR Red)

  • EX Attack startup increased to 12 frames, up from 10. First and second hit now causes stagger, making it more reliable in combos as a juggle. EX Attack recovery increased significantly.

  • Neutral Special (Counterstrike): counter portion is now projectile invincible.

  • Fixed an issue where Red Ranger could cancel the third hit of his forward Special (Triple Slice) with standing heavy.

  • Reduced hitstun and blockstun for roll shots considerably.

  • Reduced hitstun and blockstun for air shot slightly.

Gia Moran (S21 Yellow)

  • Forward throw scales follow-up combo damage heavily, since it’s a self-comboable throw.

  • Pistol-based attacks do not require hit to progress their target combos (Standing Medium > M > M, Back medium > M > H) . This change allows Gia to poke with several pistol attacks from past her max pistol bullet range.

  • Slightly improved hitboxes on pistol attacks.

  • Pistol bullets can now clash with incoming projectiles, with their projectile strengths rated slightly under Tommy’’s neutral Special (Greendoken).

  • Back medium: Added significant recovery. No longer dash or move-cancelable.

  • Back medium Target Combo: New gun-based target combo attack performed with B+Medium > Medium > Heavy input sequence. This opens up some of her combo routing, primarily when starting with back heavy into back medium.

  • Jumping medium attack now causes a splat knockdown on grounded opponents, preventing her from performing easy j.L > j.M > j.H loops against big-bodied characters.

  • Back Special: removed secondary hitbox type, no longer “sweet spots”. Adjusted frame data to limit loop combos, while keeping it advantaged on block. Overall, the attack has been made more effective in the neutral game, but still punishable if jumped over.

  • Back Special Follow-up (Grapple): can now be canceled with low attacks as well as dash jump.

  • Forward special: added two rear hitboxes, giving the attack more utility while Gia activates this special attack as the team leader. Does not apply to the assist version of the attack. Last hit now causes a spinning knockdown hit reaction instead of a launcher hit reaction.

  • Airborne Special: adjusted physics box to allow Gia to jump over cornered opponents.

  • Super: increased damage to 275, up from 225.

  • EX Attack: third hit now staggers, making the follow-up more reliable on hit.

  • Standing light 2: second hit of light target combo now has a slight pull-in effect.

  • Removed forward-canceling from standing medium attack.

  • Slightly reduced overall “slideyness” of attacks when canceled from dash and backdash.

  • Increased jump and dash jump height ever so slightly.

  • Forward heavy (Overhead): Slightly easier to link into standing light on hit.

  • Crouching light can no longer be rapid-fire chained.

  • Crouching medium startup increased to 11 frames, up from 8.

  • Fixed an issue where Gia’s back throw couldn’t KO.

Ranger Slayer

  • New airborne Special: while buffed with Arrow Nock (neutral Special buff), Ranger Slayer throws out two bombs at once.

  • Neutral Special: slightly reduced recovery.

  • Forward Special, M (Forward Arrows): reduced hitstun to normal projectile amounts.

  • Forward Special follow-ups: reduced landing recovery.

  • Super is now much more punishable on block.

  • Super now deals 285 damage, up from 260.

  • Forward throw: much easier to juggle off of a forward throw in the corner. E.g., forward throw into crouching medium.

  • Crouching light: removed “rapid fire” property and it can no longer cancel into standing light attack. It can now be blocked standing.

  • Increased hitstun and blockstun of assist attack arrows.

  • Airborne Special (Timebomb): limited to one on screen at a time, unless canceled from jumping light or jumping heavy attack. Bomb is instantly deploy-able as soon as the first one detonates.

  • EX Attack: removed air Megazord activation cancel. EX Attack can only be canceled with Super and Megazord activation while Ranger Slayer is grounded.

  • Slightly reduced “slideyness” of attacks when canceled from dash, backdash, and crouching medium attack.

  • Forward Special and Airborne Special: physics box adjusted, allowing Ranger Slayer to cross up cornered opponents.

  • Forward heavy (Spartan Kick): can now be canceled with meter-based attacks (EX, Swap Strike, Super).

  • Improved dash cancel responsiveness.

  • Improved hitboxes of light attacks.

Kat Manx

  • All hits of her Super now ignore damage scaling. Ending hit generally causes a “spike” hit reaction.

  • Forward throw scales follow-up combo damage heavily, since it’s a self-comboable throw.

  • Multi-hit attacks, like neutral Special (Catscratches), have been adjusted so that they’re more reliable in juggle combos.

  • EX attack phase 1 causes stagger on successful hit, making it much more reliable when hitting airborne opponents.

  • Reworked EX Attack: phase two follows up with a full Catscratch combo, providing more potential for extended follow-up assist takeover combos.

  • Slightly reduced the sliding effect on many of her ground attacks and throws, reducing some of her dash cancel into attack range (although it’s still a bit nutty). Added a sliding effect to crouching heavy.

  • Back Special (Backspring): Added invincibility frames from frames 8 to 27 (invulnerable to most attacks, but can be thrown). Gives Kat incentive to back off from the enemy with an evasive maneuver into a surprise stagger attack, while not being abuse-able as a wake-up or cornered option.

  • Air Special (Divekick): initial pause effect is more pronounced, making it easier to use when canceled from her other airborne attacks. Divekick can cross up cornered opponents.

  • Forward Special (Cartwheel) is now +2 on block and its hitbox sizes have been slightly increased.

  • Fixed an issue where Kat could cancel her crouching light with back medium.

Magna Defender

  • EX Attack starts up in 15 frames and is much less likely to pass through opponents.

  • Neutral Special (Buckshot): cancel window moved to a later window to ensure Super hits properly when canceled.

  • Back Special (Counter): counter portion is now projectile invincible.

  • Super is now much more punishable on block.

  • Super damage decreased to 305, down from 325.

  • Neutral Special can hit multiple times and deals much more damage at close range.

  • Forward dash can be canceled with attacks earlier by 3 frames, improving his ground offense.

  • Standing medium: increased hitbox size.

Lord Drakkon

  • Jump light now causes a juggle hit.

  • Standing light startup reduced by 1F and can now hit crouchers.

  • Crouching light can now be blocked standing.

  • Increased recovery when landing from air Special (Foot Dive).

  • Super damage reduced to 275, down from 305.

  • Standing heavy: reduced hitstun decay penalty.

  • Forward Special > M (slide): added some juggle limiter penalty, since it’s an extremely effective juggle tool for almost all juggle situations. Reduced blockstun.

  • Forward throw scales follow-up combo damage heavily, since it’s a self-comboable throw.

  • Slightly reworked neutral Special projectile speed.

  • Decreased physics box at the tail end of his EX Attack, making it less likely for enemies bouncing off of the wall to collide with him.

  • Physics box while crouching fixed.


  • Standing light attack combo and medium attack combos reworked. Medium attacks include sword attacks while light attacks include limb attacks.

  • Standing light 3 now cancels into back medium on hit.

  • Crouching heavy now has a slight knock-up effect; combos into neutral Special.

  • Back heavy is now a blockable normal attack that deals 0 damage, but inflicts 5 frames of blockstun or 10 frames of hitstun.

  • Back special (Air Throw): increased startup time and reduced active window from 15 frames to 6. Damage reduced to 110, down from 130.

  • Reduced jumping light hitstun and blockstun to make it easier to answer when blocked as an instant overhead.

  • Reduced jumping light hitbox size. Requires dash jump to cause an instant overhead attack on medium crouching characters.

  • Increased jumping heavy startup from 10 frames to 12.

  • Initial hits of Super deal increased damage and hits more reliably in juggles. Deals over 450 damage on a “sweet spot” hit.

  • Less juggle limiter penalty on most normal attacks.

  • EX Attack can now reflect projectiles and hits more reliably in juggles. Second phase animation has been improved.

  • Neutral Special (Charged/Ranged): no longer requires holding Special. New input is Special => Special (input Special during startup). The ranged portion of the attack is now considered a projectile and can clash with other projectiles.

  • Standing heavy: increased hitstun and blockstun.

  • Forward throw deals much less damage, but can be canceled into back Special. It is no longer Super-cancelable.

  • Can no longer instantly dash jump out of a forward dash, making his instant overhead sequences less oppressive, although still effective against big characters.

  • Jumping light attack hitbox size reduced significantly, but can still instant overhead most crouching characters off of dash jump. Jumping light inflicts significantly less hitstun and blockstun to give the defender a chance to respond with an antiair if Goldar uses it as an instant overhead.

  • Hurtbox size while standing has been increased. Hurtbox size during juggle state has been increased.

Mastodon Sentry

  • Jumping heavy and airborne Special shots are now more likely to combo in air juggles thanks to wider hitboxes.

  • Jumping medium juggle effect has been improved to make it easier for Sentry to continue juggle combos.

  • Crouching medium inflicts enough hitstun to combo into a point blank crouching heavy shot, opening up a low-hitting combo route.

  • EX Attack no longer causes a wall bounce, in order to prevent OTG loops. It’s now easier to follow up with an Assist Takeover combo.

  • Assist has been reworked with a new animation and new functionality. Overall, it’s not as obnoxious to deal with.

Cenozoic Blue (Movie Blue)

  • Empowered forward Special (Bluedoken): velocity reworked; it now launches quickly before slowing down considerably.

  • Back Special (Ride the Lightning): projectiles are no longer despawned when their owner (Cenozoic Blue Ranger) is hit.

  • Forward Special (Repulsor Blasts): hitbox size increased for the second and third shot. Reduced startup by 1 frame.

  • Crouching light can now be blocked standing.

  • Reduced juggle limiter penalty on several attacks.

  • Airborne Special (Air Charge): hitbox size increased slightly.

  • Fixed an issue where Cenozoic Blue Ranger could cancel crouching heavy into forward Special.

  • Fixed an issue where Cenozoic Blue Ranger could call an assist during the first phase of his EX Attack.


  • Neutral Special (Ice Ball): hitbox is significantly smaller, with the bounced version reducing further in size. Blockstun has been reduced and the recovery period has been increased, making it less of a “go to” move in the neutral game and in block strings. Ice Ball is destroyed if its owner is successfully hit (Udonna) while it’s in play.

  • Back Special (Snow Shield): recovery reduced by 5 frames.

  • Udonna no longer flips out of multi-hit attacks when she’s being juggled. E.g., Dragon Armor Trini’s Super.

  • Super damage increased to 270, up from 260.

  • Jumping light and jumping medium now correctly apply some juggle limiter penalty.

  • Standing heavy can now be canceled before its third hit so that at the end of a max juggle combo, standing heavy canceled into EX Attack or Super is guaranteed.

  • Fixed an issue where crouching light was dash cancelable.

  • Fixed an issue where Udonna’s Super hitting an assist automatically triggered the cinematic against the point character.

Dragon Armor Trini

  • Fixed an issue where DAT’s back special (Jetrush) continually plays its animation while pushing up against a grounded opponent.

  • Fixed an issue where DAT is invulnerable during her back throw attempt animation.

  • Fixed an issue with DAT’s juggle hurtbox size in several of her states.

  • Neutral Special (Negabeam) has been fixed so that it hits much more reliably, generally guaranteeing the final blast. Assist damage reduced and now scales combo damage a bit higher than before.

  • Fixed an issue where DAT’s assist would continue to fire even after she’s interrupted.

  • Fixed an issue with the direction DAT is facing after a forward throw in the corner.

  • Fixed an issue where DAT’s hurtbox after whiffing her Jetrush throw was raised too high, making her invulnerable to low attacks.

  • Fixed an issue where DAT could call an assist during phase one of her EX Attack.

  • Fixed an issue where DAT could cancel her EX Attack with Megazord activation.

  • Additional notes: none
  • Source: nWay

Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid – Ver. 1.2.0

  • Release date: May 2nd 2019 (Europe, North America)
  • Patch notes:

General Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue in rare edge cases where gravity isn’t turned back on properly from air blocking.
  • Fixed issue where certain characters were able to cancel out of their air block animation.

System-wide Combat Changes

  • Across the board juggle adjustments: several problematic attacks that allowed repeatable juggle sequences have had their juggle limiter penalty value increased in order to mitigate the amount of juggle loops that can be performed in certain combos.
  • Super Meter Gauge: meter gain has been decreased across the board by about 25%. Super attacks and EX Attacks also grant much less gauge to the victim.
  • Megazord attacks now grant reasonable super gauge to the defender on hit and block. E.g., Dragonzord’s Drill (Light Attack) no longer completely fills up the victim’s super meter. Additionally, they ignore the juggle limiter override system.
  • Megazord attacks can no longer be summoned during certain juggle and stagger states. If a player with their Megazord mode activated is being hit or in a combo, they’re now unable to mash out a Megazord attack until they’re in a recovering or actionable state.
  • Meter-based attacks like Supers, Swap Strikes, and EX Attacks now ignore the juggle limiter system, playing through and guaranteeing their hits when executed at the end of lengthy combos.
  • The initial hits of most multi-hit attacks no longer trigger the juggle limiter override system.
  • EX Attacks: increased invincible frames across the board to reduce the likelihood of assist attacks blowing through phase one of the attack (although phase two is always vulnerable).
  • Most EX Attacks across the board have had their block advantage decreased significantly, making them much easier to punish.
  • EX Attacks now only trigger their follow-up phases when successfully connecting with the enemy leader, and never against an enemy assist.
  • Swap Strikes and EX Attacks: all target combo enders can be canceled into ANY meter-based attack. E.g., Red Ranger can perform L > L > L > L, and on hit or block, he can then cancel into Swap Strike, EX Attack, or Super.
  • Swap Strikes can now OTG against certain knockdown states, such as Sentry’s forward throw (e.g., forward throw into Swap Strike is a valid combo now).
  • Most characters can now air special cancel their jumping L, M, and H attacks.
  • ALL AntiAir attacks such as Red Ranger’s crouching heavy and Mastodon Sentry’s back medium have been added as “reversal” attacks so that they can be used from wakeup and recovery states, allowing defenders to counter oppressive meaty jump attack strategies along with instant overhead mixups.
  • Assist attacks: removed most landing invincibility frames across the board. This is balanced around the functionality of the assist. For instance, utility lockdown assists like Mastodon Sentry’s are easier to interrupt, while defensive assists like Lord Drakkon’s, remain invulnerable for a significant time.
  • Assists now automatically leave after 5 seconds when their leader is no longer in play, preventing “infinite” assist loops.
  • All wakeup states now have 1 frame of throw invulnerability to give defenders a chance to jump out of meaty throws. States landing from jumps and air resets have 5 frames of throw invulnerability as well.
  • Most characters’ low-hitting normal attacks have had their number of active frames increased, making them more likely to hit opponents holding up (jump/jump back/jump forward) on their wake-up and landing states.
  • “Low” projectiles like Drakkon’s neutral Special, Red Ranger’s special backroll into medium input follow-up, and Mastodon Sentry’s crouching heavy, can now be blocked standing.
  • Incoming characters, entering from both Swap Strike and K.O., have more gravity and fall in more naturally. Additionally, incoming characters have to wait a number of frames before they can perform their aerial specials. Incoming jumping attacks no longer halt forward movement during this falling state.
  • The combo counter now properly stops counting hits in certain edge cases (a.k.a “uncombo combos”).
  • Certain attacks that fling the victim across the screen no longer shove the attacker away when the victim’s back is to the corner.
  • PVP match timer has been reduced to 200 seconds for competitive play, down from 300 seconds. Arcade and Story mode timers are set to 300 seconds.
  • Hitstun and juggle limit penalties now only apply when hitting the leader and no longer “double up” when hitting both leader and assist, preventing early air reset situations due to the juggle limit feature kicking in prematurely.
  • Attacks can now always hit both the enemy leader and enemy assists for the entire duration of its active window, and not only if they connect on the same frame. E.g., a single hit (non-projectile) attack that persists for a long time and travels across the screen can hit the leader and each assist once.



  • Super: beefy hits of the super now scale according to the combo damage scaling system, slightly decreasing its overall damage. Decreased overall advantage to make it easier to punish.
  • Crouching light: increased active frames.
  • Standing heavy 2: increased combo damage scaling increment, reducing corner damage loops. Increased hitstun/juggle limit penalty.
  • Gust (Back + Heavy): removed the hit reaction portion of the attack. Now only reflects projectiles and moves the opponent away without interrupting their actions.
  • Fixed an issue where putting Goldar in a certain air hit reaction caused a soft lock state.

Green Ranger

  • Crouching light: increased active frames. The window at which Green Ranger can cancel into an attack (e.g., crouching light into crouching light) has been pushed back a number of frames. Crouching light can be blocked standing.
  • Standing heavy attack: reduced pop-up effect against airborne enemies, mitigating the length of certain corner loop combos.
  • Jumping medium and its follow-up: can now be canceled with Airborne Special.
  • Airborne Special Cancels: all jump attacks can now be special-canceled.
  • Super: Increased pre-super-camera phase and removed all invulnerability frames; 12 frames of start-up before super camera, making it riskier to throw out in the neutral game.


  • Crouching medium: increased active frames.
  • Crouching heavy: increased hitstun/juggle limit penalty.
  • Fixed an issue where putting Kat in a certain air hit reaction caused a soft lock state.
  • Airborne Special Cancels: all jump attacks can now be special-canceled.
  • Super: Increased recovery and reduced blockstun of projectiles to make the attack easier to punish on block. Super is now less likely to be punishable on hit in certain corner scenarios.

Lord Drakkon

  • Crouching hurtbox height has been decreased (shrunk down); normalized with other characters of his size.
  • Crouching medium: increased active frames.
  • Crouching heavy: increased hitstun/juggle limit penalty.
  • Airborne Special Cancels: all jump attacks can now be special-canceled.
  • EX Attack: Overhauled overall animation phases to prevent corner loop juggles.
  • Super: Increased recovery to make it easier to punish on block. Super is now less likely to be punished on hit in certain corner scenarios.

Magna Defender

  • Back special (Counter): Magna Defender is now vulnerable to all attacks for the first 6 frames. Counterattack hurtbox becomes active on frame 7, and lasts for 22 frames. Also fixed an issue where Magna Defender could dash cancel out of Counter follow-up.
  • Health increased to 1100, up from 1050.
  • Crouching medium: increased active frames. No longer juggles airborne enemies.
  • Crouching heavy: increased hitstun and juggle limit penalty.
  • Airborne Special Cancels: all jump attacks can now be special-canceled.
  • Fixed an issue where Magna Defender could cancel out of the recovery of his Airborne Special.
  • Neutral Special (Buckshot): reduced chip damage and meter gain on block for both Magna Defender and victim.
  • Forward Special (Charging Slash)): reduced startup from 29 to 28 frames.
  • Standing medium: can cancel two frames earlier, making certain juggle combos involving Charging Slash easier.
  • Super: Increased recovery and reduced blockstun of projectiles to make the attack easier to punish on block.

Mastodon Sentry

  • Crouching medium: increased active frames.
  • Tripleshot 1, 2, (Special, Special Follow-up): Each now deal 50 damage, up from 40.
  • Airborne Special: Now deals 50 damage, up from 40.
  • Mine (Forward + Special): Now nullified and destroyed if its owner (Mastodon Sentry), is successfully hit while it’s in play. Its duration has been increased and now deals 70 damage, up from 60.
  • EX Attack: increased damage. Can now OTG and combo off of certain knockdown states, giving him a method of converting Super gauge into damage. Last hit now causes wall bounce instead of sliding knockdown. Phase 1 hitboxes are larger, making it more reliable when connecting against airborne opponents.
  • Jumping heavy/Airborne Special: Added new aerial rifle sequences, allowing jumping heavy to cancel into air special back into jumping heavy.

Ranger Slayer

  • Airborne Special: Now nullified and destroyed if its owner (Ranger Slayer), is successfully hit while it’s in play.
  • Airborne Special Cancels: all jump attacks can now be special-canceled.
  • Arrow Nock (Neutral Special): Arrow Nock buff stays on when Ranger Slayer blocks attacks.
  • Super: Increased recovery and reduced blockstun of projectiles to make the attack easier to punish on block. Projectile is much larger now, making it easier to connect with in juggle combos. Super now only detonates and transitions into second phase if the projectile connects with the enemy leader, and never against assists.
  • Fixed an issue with Ranger Slayer’s gravity not being reactivated after performing certain airborne specials extremely close to the ground.

Red Ranger

  • Crouching light: increased active frames.
  • Backroll Shots (Back+Special and its follow-ups): Reduced damage, speed, and durability of shots, but can now shoot two shots consecutively with repeat inputs (e.g., backroll => M, M or backroll => S, S).
  • Standing Heavy 1, Heavy 2: Changed air hit reactions. First heavy causes juggle, second heavy spikes down.
  • Airborne Special: increased knockback to make juggle combos easier to perform. Can now be used to cross-up opponents in the corner.
  • Airborne Special Cancels: all jump attacks can now be special-canceled.
  • Super: Increased recovery to make it even more punishable.

Yellow Ranger

  • Health increased to 1000, up from 950.
  • Crouching light: increased active frames.
  • Super: now hits more reliably against enemies close to her head, preventing unintentional cross-up situations where the victim is knocked behind her.
  • Airborne Special Cancels: all jump attacks can now be special-canceled.
  • Super: Increased recovery to make it more punishable on whiff and block.
  • List of changes:

– adds several new playable characters (Udonna, Dragon Armor Trini, and Cenozoic Blue Ranger)

– adds Story Mode

– adds new Battle Arenas

– adds new voice overs by the original Power Rangers actors

– and more…

  • Additional notes: more detaild and a trailer for this update on this page!
  • Source: nWay

Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid – Ver. 1.1.2

  • Release date: April 10th 2019 (Europe, North America)
  • Patch notes:
  • Fixed an issue causing high and low block to not function properly in online matches
  • Fixed an issue with Kat and Goldar causing them to soft-lock when hit by certain combos
  • Fixed an issue with Goldar incorrectly transitioning from high to low block
  • Fixed an issue with Goldar having an incorrect cancel window into Air S, causing soft-lock
  • Adjusted juggle limiter values on Green Ranger, Goldar, Mastodon Sentry, and Kat to prevent undesired loops
  • Additional notes: none
  • Source: nWay

How to download updates for Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid for the Nintendo Switch?

To download the updates for Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid, you have three options:

  • let the console do its thing if you have automatic downloads activated, and didn’t completely turn it off

If not…

  • try to launch the game from the Home Menu while being connected to the internet. You should get a prompt when doing so: simply follow the instructions on screen;


  • select the game > press either + or – to go to the Options page > select Software update > select Via the Internet.

To check that you have the latest version installed, simply select the game on the Home Menu, and press – or + to go to the Options: the version number is displayed just below the game title.



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