This Is The Police 2 announced for the Nintendo Switch, releasing this year

Did you like This Is The Police, released on Nintendo Switch a couple of months ago? If yes, you will be glad to learn that not only does a sequel exist, but it’s releasing later this year! Today, THQ Nordic and weappy announced This Is The Police 2, which takes places in a radically different place than the original.

Here’s the premise of the game:

Welcome to Sharpwood, a remote border town in the north. It’s a rough, cold place, where inhabitants know their neighbors by name and faithfully keep to their traditions, no matter how barbaric those traditions might be. Smugglers, gangs and screaming populists have made this town their home. Despair grows like a cancer, hand in hand with violence.

This Is The Police 2 has you play as Lilly Reed (voiced by Sarah Hamilton, or The Longest Journey fame), the new sheriff. Her job consists in mainting order and peace, but as you can imagine, it’s going to be easier said than done in such a town. And her subordinates, uncouth men who aren’t used to receiving commands from a young woman, are definitely not going to make things easy.

One day, a mysterious stranger calling himself Warren Nash appears in Sharpwood. Who is he? And why did he come to this town? Will he bring salvation or perdition?

While the setting is different, the core of the game remains unchanged: just like in the first game, This Is The Police 2 offers a mix of adventure and management genres. But this time around, further unexpected mechanics come spice things up a notch, and deepen the strategic and tactical parts of the game.

After all, you don’t just have to manage your policemen anymore (individual skills, equipment, etc.), you also have to take into account their strengths, weaknesses, fears, and prejudices. Also, every challenge requires your direct participation, with the outcome depending on your decisions.

Finally, here’s the debut trailer for This Is The Police 2:

This Is The Police 2 (Switch) will be released later this year in Europe and North America. The Upcoming Games page has been updated!

Source: THQ Nordic PR


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