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PokéNews (Oct. 7) – Pokémon GO: Gym training changes incoming / Pokémon Sun and Moon

Today’s Pokémon news: some changes coming soon to gym training in Pokémon GO, but also…

  • Pokémon Sun and Moon
  • Hoopa distribution
  • May figure
  • Pokémon x JAF
  • Pokémon Symphonic Evolutions [New!]

Pokémon GO

Earlier this week, we learned about a new feature coming in the next update for Pokémon GO. And yesterday, Niantic talked about another change coming with that update, which will impact Gym training. Long story short: it will become easier.

For starters, you will be able to bring up to 6 Pokémon to a friendly Gym (instead of just one). What’s more, the CP of the Pokémon you’re training against may be lowered temporarily, in order to match the capabilities of your own Pokémon.

Here’s two screenshots (before and after the update):

Unfortunately, we still don’t know when the next update for Pokémon GO will be released…

Source: Niantic

Pokémon Sun and Moon

Today, Nintendo uploaded a “new” trailer for Pokémon Sun and Moon. Actually, it’s the English version of the “Legendaries” trailer The Pokémon Company uploaded in Japanese a few weeks ago.

Here it is:

Talking of Pokémon Sun and Moon, the official website (in Japanese) reveals that the Japanese version of the game will require 26 215 blocks / 3 276MB of free space on your SD Card (making it one of the biggest games ever on Nintendo 3DS). You will most likely run out of space on your SD Card if you’re using a 4GB model, but then again, if you’re buying retail games digitally, you’re most likely using a bigger SD Card.

Pokémon Sun and Moon (3DS) comes out on November 18th in Japan and North America, and November 23rd in Europe.

Via: Serebii

Hoopa distribution

A quick reminder for players in North America: you have until Sunday to get Hoopa using the following serial code: 2016HOOPA. This is the second distribution for this Pokémon, and there most likely will not be another one, so make sure to grab yours asap if you haven’t already!

Source: Serebii

May figure

Here’s more picture of the May figure, from the G.E.M. Series (releasing in January 2017 in Japan):

Source: Mega Hobby

Pokémon x JAF

Using a smartphone while driving a car is pretty dangerous, and Japan isn’t a miraculous country where this isn’t the case. In order to make drivers aware of the dangers of using a smartphone while driving, the JAF (Japanese Automobile Association) has partnered with Pokémon for a special campaign.

Here’s the poster used for this campaign (the slogan could be roughly as translated as: “Using a smartphone while driving? NO!”):

Since some people are actually playing Pokémon GO while driving, that campaign with Pokémon most definitely isn’t a coincidence…

Source: Famitsu

Pokémon Symphonic Evolutions

Yesterday, two more dates for the Pokémon Symphonic Evolutions were announced:

  • October 31st: Mexico City
  • November 1st: Mexico City

Source: Pokémon Symphony


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