PokéNews (May 18): Pokkén Tournament DX / Pokémon GO

Today’s Pokémon news: latest Official Group Match now live in Pokkén Tournament DX, but also…

  • Pokémon GO
  • Pokémon Sun and Moon (anime)
  • Pokémon Trading Card Game

Pokkén Tournament DX

Yesterday, the latest Official Group Match for Pokkén Tournament went live. Here’s all you need to know about it:

  • Name: True Sheer Cold Cup
  • Type: Team Battle, Fixed Battle Arena
  • Runs from May 17th to May 19th
  • Time: 3AM PT to 7PM PT / 6AM ET to 10PM ET / 5AM GMT to 9PM GMT / 6AM CET to 10AM CET / 6AM JST to 10PM JST
  • Participation prize: True Sheer Cold (title)
  • Ranking Prizes:
  1. Places 1 to 10 – Chrom League Master
  2. Places 11 to 30 – Red League Master
  3. Places 31 to 60 – Blue League Master
  4. Places 61 to 100 – Green League Master

Source: Serebii

Pokémon GO

Yesterday, Niantic released a brand new Software update for Pokémon GO. At first, it seemed like your run-of-the-mill bug fixes update, but it turns out it was a much bigger deal than that!

Indeed, this update bring some more Pokémon from the Sinnoh region:

  • Burmy
  • Wormadam
  • Mothim
  • Shellos
  • Gastrodon
  • Gible
  • Gabite
  • Garchomp
  • Hippopotas
  • Hippowdon

The update also brings a new Ground-type move: Earth Power. The following Pokémon can use it:

  • Nidoqueen
  • Nidoking
  • Aerodactyl
  • Camerupt
  • Claydol

Finally, there’s not one, but three new types of Lure Modules (Glacial Lure Modules, Mossy Lure Modules, and Magnetic Lure Modules) that can attract certain types of Pokémon, but also make specific species evolve when you come near them.

You can find the complete list of changes on the Software updates page!

Source: Niantic
Via: Serebii

Pokémon Sun and Moon (anime)

Here’s the latest set of videos for the Pokémon Sun and Moon anime series, with:

  • a video showing the battle between Pikachu and Marshadow
  • a video clip with Ida and Primarina’s Oceanic Operetta

Pokémon Trading Card Game

Here’s a series of video tutorials for the Pokémon Trading Card Game:



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