Pokémon Shuffle: list of current passcodes

If you’re an avid Pokémon Shuffle players, you’ve already heard of passcodes: they’re special passwords which can be used to get free items in the game (Mega Start, Disruption Delay, Jewels, Coins, etc.). Even though they’re usually coming from Japan (via Pokémon Get TV for example), the passcodes are not region-locked, which means you can use them with any version of Pokémon Shuffle (on Nintendo 3DS).

Pokemon Shuffle Mega StartHere’s the list of current passcodes for Pokémon Shuffle:

Until February 23rd

[3DS] 20160123: 3 000 coins
[Mobile] 20160123: 3 000 coins

No end date

[3DS] 20150218: 5 000 coins

Until August 28th

0707318: Attack Power (x1)

Until September 4th

07080704: Disruption delay (x1)

Until September 14th

06150503: Moves +5 (x3)

Until September 30th

2015091: Jewel (x1)
86010010: 100 coins
08620009: 200 coins
08630007: 300 coins
86040006: 400 coins
08650005: 500 coins
86100002: 1 000 coins
86001508: EXP x 1.5 (x1)
08645601: Mega Speedup (x1)
08601003: Time Limit +10 (x1)
86000504: Moves +5 (x1)

Source: Serebii



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