Pokémon news (June 30): Shaymin distribution / Pokémon GO

Today’s Pokémon news:

  • Shaymin distribution
  • Pokémon GO
  • Pokémon Comaster
  • Pokémon TV
  • Pokémon National Championships
  • Pika-Chan

Pokemon distroShaymin distribution

If you live in Europe, the next Pokémon distribution for the Pokémon 20th Anniversary is now live. This month, it’s Shaymin that you can for Pokémon X / Y / Omega Ruby / Alpha Sapphire, before July 24th. To get it, you need to launch the game while being connected to the internet, and select Mystery Gift > Receive Gift > Get Via Internet.

Pokémon GO

Here’s some additional screenshots for Pokémon GO, courtesy of Serebii:

Pokémon GO should launch sometime in July.

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Pokémon Comaster

Today, Pokémon Comaster received another update, and new figures were added to the Trevo shop:

  • Zygarde 50% Forme
  • Torterra
  • Chimchar
  • Xatu
  • Shiftry

The following figures were removed:

  • Mewtwo
  • Blastoise
  • Absol
  • Froakie
  • Scyther

And until July 6th, you can get 50% more Diamonds when you purchase any.

Source: Serebii

Pokémon TV

Good news for Pokémon fans in Europe and North America: the Pokémon TV app is now available on the Apple TV. This free app allows you to watch episodes from the Pokémon TV anime series for free.

Source: Pokémon

Pokémon National Championships

Yesterday, the planning for the Pokémon National Championships in the US were revealed: you can head over to Serebii to check it out!

Also, The Pokémon Company shared two interviews, with:


Here’s the 5th episode of Pika-Chan, The Pokémon Company’s web show:



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