Photos with Animal Crossing distributed at the Hyper Japan Festival last week

Released in 2013 in Japan and 2014 in North America (but never in Europe), Photos with Super Mario is an app allowing you to take pictures of various Mario characters using AR Cards that come with special Nintendo eShop cards. And in Japan, Nintendo released two additional apps: Photos with Pikmin and Photos with Animal Crossing.

Last week, during the Hyper Japan Festival in the UK, Nintendo distributed some AR Cards for the Photos with Animal Crossing app. Unfortunately, the app isn’t available for everyone (yet?) on the Nintendo eShop: you need to use a download code, which is found at the back of the AR cards distributed only at the Hyper Japan Festival. Unfortunately that means, you cannot simply print a copy of the AR Cards, and use the app with them…

What’s more, Photos with Animal Crossing will only be available for download until September 30th, so if you did manage to get some AR Cards, make sure to use the download code as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, we don’t know if the Photos with Animal Crossing app will ever be made available for everyone on the Nintendo eShop, and if North America will ever get it all. But with Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer coming out in a few weeks, it’s possible Nintendo will use this photo app to promote it.

Source: Mark McAllister


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