Oninaki: Japanese release date, trailer and pictures for the Daemons

Oninaki is the latest game from Tokyo RPG Factory, the developers of I am Setsuna and Lost Sphear, and it’s slated for a Summer release worldwide. Today, Square-Enix announced that it will be released on August 22nd in Japan, where it will cost 5 800 Yen + taxes (retail + digital release). It’s quite likely that Europe and North America will get it on the same day, or the following one (August 23rd) if it’s a digital-only release outside Japan.

Here’s the Japanese boxart for Oninaki:

Square-Enix also revealed a band new trailer for the game, which introduces key characters known as Daemon (Onibito in Japanese). Those are special Lost Souls that could not be reincarnated, and that you can use in battle. Each Daemon corresponds to a specific job / weapon, and you can switch between them in real time to make use of their various attacks and skills.

As players journey as Kagachi, a young Watcher who ushers Lost Souls into the next world, they will bond with and harness the power of Daemons, a special type of Lost Soul who could not be reincarnated. These powerful souls will assist the player in battle, with each Daemon representing a different weapon type. Players will be able to manage their Daemon’s skills and switch between them in real-time to deal devastating blows to their enemies with unique attacks and power up skills.

Finally, here’s the latest set of screenshots for the game:

Oninaki (Switch) comes out on August 22nd in Japan, and this Summer in Europe and North America. The Upcoming Games page has been updated!

Source: Square-Enix PR / 4Gamer



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