One Piece: Dai Kaizoku Colosseum – Details about the battle system, screens

With exactly two months left until release, Bandai-Namco thought now was the perfect time to share some details about One Piece: Dai Kaizoku Colosseum (and more precisely the battle system), along with a fresh batch of screenshots.

First, Bandai-Namco explains that you go to battle with 2 characters, and you can switch between the two at any time. This allows you to pull off impressive combos, which can then be further extended by calling an Assist Character (called D Assist).

And when comes the time to deal the final blow, you use something called “Jet Slide”. After successfully connecting a Jet Combo, the enemy is sent flying: you can then finish them with one of three skills.

Finally, we have the Gigant Combo and the Rio Gigant Combo. The Gigant Combo is a really flash finishing move you can pull off by pressing the buttons with the right timing. The Rio Gigant Combo is basically an even more impressive (and deadly!) Gigant Combo, that you can use when your combo gauge has reached MAX level.

One Piece: Dai Kaizoku Colosseum will have a mode that lets you create your very own team of Pirates. Basically, you can have various character join your team, and depending on who joins, you will get to enjoy different dialogue scenes and short stories. Of course, you can train your characters by having them fight, so they can become stronger.

Here’s a (partial) list of characters that will be in One Piece: Dai Kaizoku Colosseum.

Playable characters

  • Monkey ・ D ・ Luffy
  • Sakazuki (Akainu)
  • Cavendish
  • Donquixote ・ Doflamingo
  • Bartolomeo

D-Assist characters

  • Diamante
  • Trebol
  • Pica
  • Rebecca
  • Sai
  • Hajrudin
  • Orlumbus
  • Ideo
  • Leo
  • Blue Gilly
  • Jesus Burgess
  • Whitebeard (early purchase bonus)
  • Marco (early purchase bonus)
  • Jozu (early purchase bonus)

Finally, here’s the latest batch of screenshots for the game:

One Piece: Dai Kaizoku Colosseum (3DS) comes out on September 21st in Japan.



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