[North America] Nintendo eShop line-up (Aug. 17): Sonic Mania / Troll and I

Nintendo only sends its usual press release on Thursday, and so, the Nintendo eShop line-up below is not complete, and is actually missing quite a lot of things (including sales). It will be updated regularly, until the press release is out.

Update 1: added Jackbox Party Pack 1 and Jackbox Party Pack 2 (Nintendo Switch).
Update 2: added Alchemic Dungeons (Nintendo 3DS).
Update 3: added missing content.

The Nintendo eShop will be updated at 9AM PDT / 12PM EDT. Unless otherwise specified, retail releases are on Tuesday (third party) / Friday (first-party).

Nintendo Switch

  • Troll and I (Maximum Games): $29.99 [30 Gold Coins] [requires 6.3GB] [web eShop page]
  • Sonic Mania (SEGA): $19.99 [20 Gold Coins] [requires 186MB] [web eShop page]
  • Jackbox Party Pack (Jackbox Game): $24.99 [30 Gold Coins] [web eShop page]
  • Jackbox Party Pack 2 (Jackbox Game): $24.99 [30 Gold Coins] [web eShop page]
  • ACA NeoGeo Magician Lord (Hamster): $7.99 [10 Gold Coins] [web eShop page]

Nintendo 3DS

  • Alchemic Dungeons (Circle Ent.): $5 [10 Gold Coins] [web eShop page]


Pic-a-Pix Colour (Lightwood Games, Wii U / Nintendo 3DS)

  • [Wii U / 3DS] Small Puzzles 9 ($1.99)
  • [Wii U] Large Puzzles 9 ($1.99)


  • Rayman Legends Definitive Edition (Ubisoft, Nintendo Switch) [web eShop page]

Nintendo eShop Sales

As usual, the complete list of games currently on sale can be found on this page. This week’s new sales will be added asap!

Source: Nintendo / Nintendo eShop / Nintendo PR


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