NIS America bringing Culdcept Revolt to Europe and North America this Summer

Released last year in Japan, Cudlcept Revolt was the very first original entry in the Culdcept series in 12 years. It looked like it was never going to be released outside Japan, since the first entry on Nintendo 3DS never made it. But NIS America wasn’t going to let that slide, and decided to localise it themselves (despite the game being a Nintendo title).

During yesterday’s press event, the publisher announced that they would bring Culdcept Revolt to both Europe and North America this Summer, where it will cost $39.99/CA$59.99/39.99€. Since 2017 is the series’ 20th Anniversary, this localisation is definitely a great way to celebrate it!

Culdcept is the unique and highly addictive mix of card games (think Magic the Gathering) and board games (think Monopoly). This new entry feature hundreds of cards, inventive boards, and even multiplayer (local and online). You get to play as Allen, a new recruit for the Free Bat forces (rebels), who fight against the tyranny of Count Kraniss.

According to NIS America, the game features the classic features fans of the series know and love, while offering a “gentle” learning curve for newcomers.

Here’s the key features:

  • Addictive Fantasy Gameplay: you have to navigate the board and summon monsters, in a fast-paced, card-collecting fantasy game. A world of magic, monsters, and strategy awaits you!
  • Near Endless Strategy: there’s over 400 unique cards to collect, lots of skills to develop, new boards with new conditions to tackle, and more;
  • Play Solo or Online: the game features a Story Mode, a Free Play Mode (for players who want to practice), but also local and online multiplayer (with up to 4 players). There’s also some leaderboards!
  • Customize Your Experience: you can develop a deck that fit your gameplay style, and chose the perfect avatar and deck book for you.

Here’s the trailer and some screenshots for Culdcept Revolt:

Culdcept Revolt (3DS) comes out this Summer in Europe and North America. The Upcoming Releases page has been updated!



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