Nintendo to reduce the size of the Nintendo Switch packaging starting this month

The morning issue of the Nikkei newspaper in Japan reveals that starting this month, Nintendo are reducing the size of the packaging of the Nintendo Switch by 20%. This move has two goals:

  • provide improvements to the supply side, by allowing for more consoles to be shipped to retailers around the world. With smaller packaging, transport efficiency is improved (you can stack more consoles in the containers on ship, trucks, etc.);
  • reduce costs. Smaller packaging is cheaper (since you need less material to make it). Some buyers expect this to improve Nintendo’s margins, but given the rampant inflation worldwide, it’s more than likely the move to reduce the size of packaging was made to avoid raising the price of the various Nintendo Switch models (something Shuntaro Furukawa has ruled out fairly recently).

This new, smaller packaging is only for Nintendo Switch consoles produced in August and later, which means it will take a few weeks/months before the first units arrive at retailers.

Source: Nikkei



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