Nintendo Switch: sales milestones for Sonic Frontiers, My Hero: One Justice, Witch on the Holy Night, and Samurai Maiden

Over the past few days, several developers and publishers have shared some sales milestones for their games on Nintendo Switch (and other platforms). They didn’t all sell several millions like Sonic Frontiers, but everyone do seem satisified with their respective sales!

Let’s start with Sonic Frontiers, which sold 2.5 million units worlwide since launch, on November 8th. That number includes retail and digital sales worldwide, across all platforms.

Unfortunately, no platform and/or regional breakdown is provided, though we already know that the game sold 58 805 units at retail in Japan, with 38 596 units on Nintendo Switch alone. Even when accounting for digital sales, it looks like the vast majority of sales were from the rest of the world (hardly a surprise, as the Sonic series has always been far more popular in Europe and North America).

Next: Witch on the Holy Night. This remaster of the 2012 Visual Novel sold over 110 000 units worldwide during the first 3 days. That number includes retail sales (Japan-only for now) as well as digital sales (worldwide) on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4.

In comparison, the previous Type-Moon release on consoles, Tsukihime: A piece of blue glass moon, sold over 135 000 units during its launch weekend in Japan alone. With 110 000 units sold, Witch on the Holy Night did come short of its “predecessor”, but it’s still a really solid performance given how much more popular Tsukihime is.

As for the two My Hero: One Justice games (My Hero One’s Justice and My Hero One’s Justice 2), they have now sold over 2.5 million units worldwide according to Bandai-Namco. Unfortunately, no regional or platform breakdown is provided, and we don’t know which of the two games sold more.

Finally, D3 Publisher announced that Samurai Maiden is off to a good start with 50 000 units sold since launch. That number includes retail sales in Japan, and digital sales worldwide. In Japan specifically, Samurai Maiden sold over 8 000 units at launch, with 4 360 units on Nintendo Switch alone.

Source: SEGA PR (12/12/2022) / Type-Moon (Twitter) / Bandai-Namco (Twitter) / D3 Publisher (Twitter)


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