Nintendo: QoL platform delayed, sleep sensor “not yet at the level of a Nintendo product”

Back in 2014, during a meeting with investors, Satoru Iwata announced that Nintendo would launch a Quality of Life platform. The company has always remained pretty quiet about this, though we learned several months later after the initial announcement that the first device for that platform would be some sort of sleep sensor.

Fast forward several months later, and we still don’t know much about the QoL platform, or the sleep sensor. According to the Kyoto Shinbun, it was supposed to launch in March, but was delayed, and will now come out in April… at the earliest.

Asahi Shinbun provides some additional details about that delay: during the meeting with investors, Tatsumi Kimishima explained that the device was “not yet at the level of a Nintendo product. If we can release it, we’ll release it. If we can’t, then we’ll examine things further.”.

In other words: things are looking pretty uncertain for mysterious sleep sensor, despite Satoru Iwata previously explaining that the QoL platform would be one of Nintendo’s main business pillars. It looks like Nintendo’s Quality of Life initiative might instead be going the way of the dodo Vitality Sensor…

NINTENDO_LOGOSource: Kyoto Shinbun / Asahi Shinbun
Via: Kotaku
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