Nintendo: Nintendo Direct E3 2021 + Treehouse Live E3 2021 announced for June 15th

With less than two weeks to go until the event kicks off, Nintendo have finally revealed their plans for E3 2021. Last year, E3 was cancelled altogether, and Nintendo didn’t do anything special to replace it. This year, the entire show is digital, but that doesn’t change much for Nintendo as they have foregone a live conference for nearly a decade now.

For E3 2021, Nintendo have prepared the usual combo Nintendo Direct + Treehouse Live. The only difference is that Treehouse Live will not take place over the course of 3 days, as was the case the previous years. It will last about 3 hours, and will start right after the Nintendo Direct is over. It will showcase games features in the Nintendo Direct, though it’s not clear if there will also be surprise announcements like in previous years.

The Nintendo Direct will last about 40 minutes, and will showcase mostly games releasing later this year. Of course, there will be a fair number of announcements for games releasing in 2022 (and beyond?).

The Nintendo E3 2021 presentation will kick off on the same day and at the same time as in the past (Tuesday at 9AM PT), with the Nintendo Direct starting at:

  • Europe: June 15th at 6PM
  • UK: June 15th at 5PM
  • North America (ET): June 15th at 12PM
  • North America (PT): June 15th at 9AM
  • Japan: June 16th at 1AM

As usual, you can find the official Nintendo E3 2021 website by clicking here!

Source: Nintendo (Twitter)



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