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Nintendo Minute (September 11th) – Super Mario Maker SUP-tember: Our Levels; trailer

Super Mario Maker is now available worldwide, which means that thousands of players have already started making their very own Super Mario Bros. courses (or playing those made by other people). Of course, that includes Kit and Krysta from Nintendo Minute, who didn’t wait for the game to be out before making theirs, though!

For this new Super Mario Maker SUP-tember special, Kit and Krysta are taking a look at some of the levels they made in Super Mario Maker. If you like one or several of them, you can easily find them and download them, so you can give them a spin too.

Hi, today Super Mario Maker launched and we couldn’t be more excited! We wanted to celebrate by showing you levels we created for each other to play. It’s really fun to put your personality and creativity into these levels, we both had a great time experimenting with all the different tools. Now that the game is out, we are so excited to see what you’ll be creating, and we can’t wait to play your levels too! The levels we show here have been uploaded, so if you give them a play, let us know what you think.


Kit’s Levels:
– One Wrong Step…
– Jumpin’ Jollies


Krysta’s Levels:
– Finally a Minute
– Secret Garden


We hope you have a great and creative weekend!
-Kit & Krysta

Here’s the latest episode of Nintendo Minute:

Head after the break for the Accolade trailer for Super Mario Maker!

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