Nintendo Labo: Toy-Con replacement parts PDF, Developer Interview Part 2, updated FAQ, and more

Today, Nintendo Labo is releasing in Japan and North America (Europe will have to wait until next week!). If you’ve already got yours and somehow managed to damage your Toy-Cons, you can now download replacement parts PDF files for the various parts from the official website in Japan.

There’s replacement parts PDF files for both the Variety Kit and the Robot Kit, and while the page is only available in Japanese, you can use the symbols at the top left corner of each “sheet” to find the one you need.

You can print those PDF files on some cardboard, and use them as replacement (instead of buying a replacement kit from Nintendo). Of course, you will have to find cardboard of the right size, and a way to print the patterns on it, by yourself, as Nintendo does not provide any instructions.

Alternatively, if you live in Japan, you can order additional Nintendo Labo sheets and accessories from the official Nintendo Online Store. Finally, starting next week (April 26th), you will be able to order the two kits (Variety Kit and Robot Kit) without the Software from the My Nintendo Store. It’s a great option for players who want an extra kit (to play with a second player for example, or as replacement)!

If you’re yet to get Nintendo Labo, and still have some burning questions (such as how long it takes to assemble each Toy-Con), the FAQ on the official website was updated earlier this week. Click here to check it out for yourself!

If you just want to learn more about the whole project came to be, Part 2 of the official Developer Interview is now live on the official website: click here to check it out!

Finally, here’s some pictures and screenshots for the game…

… as well as another Workshop video:

As a bonus, here’s a wallpaper for your smartphone and/or PC (more sizes available on the official website):

Nintendo Labo (Switch) comes out on April 27th in Europe.

Source: 4Gamer



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