My Nintendo: validity period extended for Gold Coins

On March 31st, Nintendo launched My Nintendo in Europe and North America. Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 5 months, you already know it replaced Club Nintendo as Nintendo’s loyalty programme. There are quite a few differences with the former programme: you can earn coins simply by playing games, there are no physical rewards, etc.

There’s also two types of “currencies”:

  • Platinum Coins: you get those simply by playing games and using Nintendo services (such as Miiverse, the Nintendo eShop, etc.)
  • Gold Coins: you get those by purchasing games from the Nintendo eShop

Unfortunately, the validity period of those coins is pretty short: only 6 months. This would be less of a problem if Nintendo added new rewards more frequently. But there’s some good news: the company announced today that the validity period for Gold Coins had been extended.

From now on, Gold Coins will remain valid for a full year, instead of 6 months. Nintendo specifies that this applies to both Gold Coins acquired after August 31st, but also to those you already have, and in all regions (Europe, Japan, North America).

Here’s an example:

  • Gold Points collected on 15/06/2016 expire after 30/06/2017.
  • Gold Points collected on 31/10/2016 expire after 31/10/2017.

Unfortunately, the validity period remains unchanged for Platinum Coins: 6 months. It’s not really unexpected: Platinum Coins are rewarded for using Nintendo services, and playing their games. My Nintendo was created in order to make sure users keep using those very services, and played those very games, regularly. Having a long validity period for Platinum Coins would undermine that.

NB: coins always expire at the end of the month (see example above), and when redeeming a reward, it’s the oldest ones which are used first.

Something’s definitely afoot for My Nintendo, since no new reward was added in August, after all. Will Nintendo reveal some new rewards in tomorrow’s Nintendo Direct presentation? It’s quite likely, and we don’t have very long to wait before finding out!

Source: My Nintendo



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