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New Nintendo 3DS XL: the Metallic Blue model to be launched next month in North America

When Nintendo launched the New Nintendo 3DS in North America, it was a bit different compared to Europe and Japan:

– the standard model (the New Nintendo 3DS) wasn’t launched;
– the Metallic Blue model wasn’t launched either, and was “replaced” by a Metallic Red model (which still hasn’t been released outside North America).

But it looks like the Metallic Blue Nintendo 3DS XL might very well be launched next month in North America, if Play-Asia is to be believed. According to this online retailer, this model of New Nintendo 3DS XL should be launched sometime in August, most likely at the end of the month (as Nintendo usually avoid Summer releases altogether, in North America).


Unfortunately, we most likely won’t know until very close to release (around two weeks), as we generally learn about new models and bundles from retailers way before the actually announcement.

Source: Play-Asia


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