NBA 2K18: lengthy blog post about the changes and new features of MyGM/MyLEAGUE

Yesterday, Erick Boenisch (Senior Producer) posted an extremely lengthy blog post about NBA 2K18, and more precisely one of its key elements: MyGM/MyLEAGUE! It goes in great details about the many changes made to this mode in this edition of the popular basketball game, and how the developers are taking it to the “next level”.

Here’s everything this pretty lenghty blog post covers:

  • 2017 NBA Collective Bargaining Agreement (Super Max Contracts, Exception Amounts, Rookie Scale Contracts, Minimum Annual Salary, Annual Increases, Maximum Salaries, Over-38 Rule, Stretch Provision, Roster Minimums, and more)
  • G-League Integration
  • Two-Way Contracts
  • Free Agent Moratorium
  • International Draft Prospect Stashing
  • Analytics Tool
  • Trading Draft Rights
  • Cap Holds/Renounced Rights
  • Improved Draft Class Generation
  • Alternate Uniforms for Created/Relocated Teams
  • Rebranding in Existing Arena
  • All-Star Selection Experience
  • MyLEAGUE Online Improvements (with Team Customization/Relocation, Playoff Games Resets, and more)
  • Player Accessory Frequency
  • Improved Searching for Created Teams/Rebrands
  • Bookmarking Favorite Creators
  • Hardship Exception
  • Jumpshot Creator
  • Duplicate Player Picker for Fantasy Drafts
  • Practice Plays
  • Player Create Added To MyLEAGUE
  • Quick Edit Improvements
  • New Team Relocation Cities
  • Improved MyGM Slider Support
  • Closing Thoughts

Click here to check out the full post! But be warned: we realyl are not kidding when we say this is an extemely lenghty one!

Finally, here’s some screenshots for the game (obviously not taken from the Nintendo Switch versino of the game):

NBA 2K18 (Switch) comes out on September 15th in Europe, and September 19th in Japan and North America.

Source: Erick Boenisch (Facebook)



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