Mutant Mudds Super Challenge: soundtrack preview (Title music)

Announced a few weeks ago, Mutant Mudds Super Challenge is a brand new Mutant Mudds game, featuring 40 new, tough as nails levels for the most hardcore of players. There’s won’t any any difficulty curve like in the original game: you’ll immediately be faced with the brutal difficulty of those new levels without any ceremony.

But Renegade Kid didn’t want to reuse the assets of the original Mutant Mudds, which is why this game includes brand new level art themes for the five worlds. As for the soundtrack, the composer of Mutant Mudds (Team Gammage) is back and will compose brand songs for Mutant Mudds Super Challenge.

Today, Renegade Kids has revealed a first preview of the new soundtrack…. the Title music!


Mutant Mudds Super Challenges (3DS / Wii U) comes out later this year in North America.

Source: Renegade Kid



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