Monster Hunter XX: details on new features (Hunter Call, more), returning collab., footage, commercial

This week, Monster Hunter XX is once again featured in Famitsu magazine, which comes out one day later than usual due to the launch of the Nintendo Switch. And thanks to the usual leaks (which also came later), we now know about several new features added to this enhanced and enriched version of Monster Hunter Generations.

The first new feature is called Hunter Call: basically, it allows you to tell players around you that you’re looking for someone to play with, via local wireless. That way, you can easily find someone to play with! It works that way: you “call” hunters, other players answer to your call, and then you can chose to be automatically transported to the gathering hall so you can start playing right away.

Another new feature is for the Prowler/Felyne: you can now colour the various parts of the armour, just like you can for a human hunter. Finally, there’s some Horn Coins, that you can get from G Rank quests. Those coins can be traded for consummable such as raw meat or bullets for your Bowgun, but also for materials required to craft weapons and armour.

Also, you can change the music tracks that play in the game, too!

Next, we have two returning collaborations, that were “revealed” during the latest episode of Capcom TV earlier today:

  • the one with Fire Emblem

  • the one with Ghosts ‘n Goblins

Next, we have a commercial for the game:

We also got some gameplay footage, with a nice showcase of the Armour Shredder Shogun Ceanataur (one of the new Deviant monsters):

Finally, the second gameplay video (which was actually the first one) shows a Barroth hunt (from the demo version):

Monster Hunter XX (3DS) comes out on March 18th in Japan.

Source: Famitsu
Via: Hachima Kikou


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