MonHun news (Nov. 14) – Monster Hunter XX: change regarding traps / MH Stories: guidebook

Today’s Monster Hunter news: change regarding traps in Monster Hunter XX (Double Cross), but also…

  • Monster Hunter Stories

Monster Hunter XX (Double Cross)

Any hunter worth their salt knows that traps are a crucial tool: they allow you to trap a monster for a few moment (so that you can deal lots of damage at once), but also to capture it when needed. And in Monster Hunter XX (Double Cross), using traps will be even more convenient.

Have you ever placed a trap, only to see its target simply flee to another area? If yes, here’s some good news: in Monster Hunter XX (Double Cross), you will be able to destroy placed traps. That way, you will be able to place a new trap right away, without having to wait a certain amount of time.

Here’s some screenshots illustrating this new feature:

Monster Hunter XX (Double Cross) comes out on March 18th in Japan.

Source: Capcom

Monster Hunter Stories

Today, a second official guidebook for Monster Hunter Stories was released in Japan. Naturally, it includes a full walkthrough of the main story, but also various details on the Otomon, monsters, weapons, armour, and more. The guide also provides the location of all items, sub-quests, lost poogies, and more. There’s also detailed maps of the various areas of the overworld!

Players who buy the game will get a download code, which can be used to get an Azure Rathalos as Otomon (more precisely, you will get a rare egg from which an Azure Rathalos is guaranteed to hatch).

Here’s some preview pages for this guidebook:

This Monster Hunter Stories Official Guidebook was released today in Japan, and costs 1 728 Yen.

Source: Famitsu



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