Miitomo: how to fix crashes at start-up

Earlier this week, Nintendo released another major update for Miitomo, bringing it to Ver. 2.2.0, and adding quite a lot of really neat features. Unfortunately, it looks like some users have been experiencing issues, with the app simply crashing at start-up. Fortunately, there’s a pretty simple solution to this problem.

But before you try it out, Nintendo recommends simply restarting Miitomo: it may start working again after a few restarts, apparently.

If that really doesn’t work, the solution consists in clearing the cache. Here’s how you can do that:


  • go to Settings
  • select Miitomo
  • turn on the “Clear cache next launch” option
  • restart the game


  • go to Settings
  • select Application Manager
  • select Miitomo
  • select “Clear cache”
  • restart the game

Whatever you do, make sure you do not uninstall and/or delete the game from your device (though you will be able to get back your save data if you previously connected the game to a Nintendo Account). Also, Nintendo recommends you use a Wifi connection, since there may be lot of data to redownload.

NB: if you’re on a rooted device, then the app crashing at launch may instead be due to an outdated version of Security Bypasser. Make sure to download Ver. 1.4.0 of the tool!

Source: Nintendo



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