Mega Man Legacy Collection: eShop-only confirmed in Europe, price, more

Mega Man Legacy CollectionDuring the Nintendo Direct, last week, Nintendo revealed that Mega Man Legacy Collection would only come out on the Nintendo eShop in Europe. Unlike North America and Japan, there will be no retail release (standard edition or bundle with goodies and/or Gold Mega Man amiibo) in that region, and players will have to get the copy from the Nintendo eShop.

Today, Capcom confirmed the news, and revealed that Mega Man Legacy Collection would cost €14.99/£13.49 on the Nintendo eShop. This is significantly cheaper than what a retail version would have cost (~29.99€), but it’s not sure that will be enough to satifsfy fans looking forward to having a copy of the game on their shelf…

Finally, here’s the packaging for the two retail editions of Mega Man Legacy Collection in North America (regular and bundle):

Mega Man Legacy Collection (3DS) comes out on February 23rd in Europe and North America, and February 25th in Japan.

Source: Capcom


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