Mario Kart Tour: all the details, pictures, videos from the official Twitter account

On this page, you will find all the various details, pictures, and videos for Mario Kart Tour on Android and iOS, originally shared by Nintendo on their official Twitter account.

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September 24th

For the final pre-release update, here’s another countdown picture:

September 23rd

The latest Twitter updates update showcase the following:

  • the Lightning item
  • Goomba-themed Bonus Challenges!
  • a Bonus Challenge, where you have to drive carefully and avoid obstacles
  • some countdown pictures

September 18th

The latest Twitter update showcase another item… Bullet Bill!

September 16th

The latest Twitter updates showcase the following:

  • returning items from Mario Kart: Double Dash!!

Certain special items from Mario Kart: Double Dash make a triumphant return! Only certain drivers can use them, but they can really turn the tides of a race!

  • returning Karts

Karts from previous Mario Kart games are making a comeback in Mario Kart Tour! How many do you recognize? You’ll be able to start building your collection on 9/25. Fans old and new will find a variety of karts to choose from!

  • the New York Minute course

The course, New York Minute, makes its debut in Mario Kart Tour! Zoom past towering skyscrapers illuminated by the neon glow of Times Square in this Big Apple-inspired course.

September 12th

The latest Twitter update showcases the Glider Challenge Bonus Challenge!

September 10th

The latest Twitter update showcases another item… the Super Horn!

September 9th

The latest Twitter updates showcase the following:

  • Mushroom

Grab one of these to receive a burst of speed and overtake your opponents! You can even use them to take shortcuts by breezing past things like signs in the game, which can lead to a glorious victory in the City of Lights!

  • Peachette

Is that…Peach? Nope! Peachette from New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe makes her Mario Kart series debut in Mario Kart Tour! I wonder what kind of special item she’ll have…

  • Mushroom Cannon

Hot on the heels of Peachette’s debut, we’re proud to reveal her new special item – The Mushroom Cannon! Designed to resemble a Mushroom, this cannon continually shoots out Mushrooms in front of your kart, making everyone happy! You get a Mushroom…everyone gets a Mushroom!

  • Mega Mushroom

Mega Mushroom increases your kart’s size for a set amount of time and gives you a small speed boost. Plus, you can bump into your opponents to make them crash! Be careful—if you’re attacked while giant, you’ll return to normal size.

And here’s a collection of the various video clips shared over the past few days:

September 6th

The latest Twitter update showcases Diddy Kong, who will be playable in a Mario Kart game for the first time in 11 years!

September 5th

The latest Twitter update introduces a driver… Diddy Kong, who finally makes his comeback in a Mario Kart game!

His trademark red cap and star-pattern shirt make him instantly recognizable!

September 4th

The latest Twitter update introduces another special item: the Giant Banana!

September 3rd

Over the past few days, Nintendo have been introducing some of the items found in the game:

  • Banana

Throw it out in front of you, or drop it off behind you. Karts that hit it will spin out! Watch out during the second lap of the race…chances are there will be more Bananas waiting for you the second time around!

  • Bob-omb

Throw it out in front of you, or drop it off behind you. Eventually it will explode, crashing any karts caught in the blast. It will even march a little closer towards opponents before exploding. This cute-looking item has a scary side!

  • Bowser’s Shell

In Mario Kart Tour, there are special items for certain drivers. This big ol’ shell will crash any kart it hits and keep on going. In tightly-packed races, this powerful item can take out multiple racers in a single throw!

  • Spiny Shell

Chases down the kart in 1st place, crashing through anyone it hits before reaching its target. With this item around, even racers at the front of the pack aren’t safe!

  • Red Shell

Hones in automatically on a kart in front of you and crashes whatever it hits. This item is great for catching up to or overtaking an opponent. On the other hand, it sure can be scary when you’re the one in the crosshairs!

  • Green Shell

Flies straight and crashes any kart it hits. Will bounce backwards if it hits a wall, so keep an eye out!

Here’s footage for those items, along with a web commercial:

Mario Kart Tour (Android, iOS) comes out on September 25th worldwide.

Source: Nintendo (Twitter)



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