LEGO Worlds Unlock Codes (Switch): all you need to know, list of codes

LEGO Worlds Unlock Codes – All you need to know, how to use them

Just like many other LEGO video games, LEGO Worlds features cheat codes. Those allow you to unlock various characters in-game, as well as other bonuses. Those codes are found on the box of actual LEGO sets (something LEGO already did with LEGO City Undercover on Wii U), and allow you to bring said sets to life in LEGO Worlds… pretty neat, isn’t it?

To use those codes, all you have to do is follow these steps:

  • launch LEGO Worlds
  • when in-game, select your save data
  • go to the main menu
  • select Enter Code
  • enter your code

LEGO Worlds Unlock Codes – List of codes

  • YG43JH – Manta Ray Bomber (based on The LEGO Ninjago Movie)
  • PPA72V – Police Tuk-Tuk (based on The LEGO Ninjago Movie)
  • ND284C – Jungle Buggy (based on the LEGO City Jungle set)
  • XP76VF – Cargo Helicopter(based on the LEGO City Junglet set)
  • LY9C8M – Lock & Roller (based on the Nexo Knights set)
  • XP3BN2 – Lance’s Driller (based on the Nexo Knights set)
  • P42FJ6 – Police Car (based on the LEGO City set)
  • BG7DWK – Getaway Car (based on the LEGO City set)
  • U98BR2 – Pizza Van (based on the LEGO City set)
  • BR1CK5 – Unlocks All Bricks
  • F1XTRS – Unlocks All Windows and Doors
  • B0T7GR7R5FJPNJRH – ???

Source: JayShockBlast / Bricks to Life

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