Koei-Tecmo: Champion Jockey Special coming to the Nintendo Switch in September

This week, Koei-Tecmo will reveal a new game for the Nintendo Switch in Famitsu magazine. That game is Champion Jockey Special, to be released on September 14th (price: 7 800 Yen + taxes).

For those who never heard of Champion Jockey before, it’s a game bringing together two horse racing games: Gallop Racer from Tecmo, and G1 Jockey from Koei. Naturally, it’s a horse racing game, where you try to become the #1 jockey in the world: that’s what the Sotry Mode is all about. This version of the game includes all the data up to the Tokyo Yuushun 2017.

You can chose among three riding styles:

  • GR (Gallop Racer) style: easy to play, very arcade-like;
  • G1J (G1 Jockey) style: focus on realism
  • Custom: you can combine the two styles if you want.

Champion Jockey Special on Nintendo Switch will also include obstacle races, alongside the “regular” horse races. Finally, Famitsu mentions that it will include a feature that lets players transfer the jockey their created in this game to Winning Post 8, but also use the horse they created in Winning Post 8 in this game.

More details about the game should be available later this week, once Famitsu magazine is out.

Champion Jockey (Switch) will be released on September 14th in Japan. The Upcoming Releases page has been updated!

Source: Famitsu
Via: GamesTalk


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