Kirby Team Clash / Star Fox Zero (incl. co-op): footage

Star Fox ZeroKirby Team Clash

Kirby Team Clash is one of the two additional modes of Kirby: Planet Robobot. Here’s what we wrote about it the other day:

Team Kirby Clash: an Action-RPG mode playable in Single Player, or Multiplayer (local wireless only, but compatible with Download Play). Your goal is to defeat powerful enemies as soon as possible. Before you start playing, you have to chose among four classes, based on traditional RPGs: Sword Hero, Hammer Lord, Doctor Healmore, and Beam Mage. You get some XP after each battle, which allows you to level up and improve your stats. During battle, make sure to collect the four pieces of a magical tablet: if you do, you will be able to unleash powerful co-op attacks (as seen in the Nintendo Direct trailer).

If you’re interested in checking out some gameplay footage, good news! CoroCoro magazine uploaded a video for this game this morning, so you can check it out for yourself.

Here it is:

Kirby: Planet Robobot (3DS) comes out on April 28th in Japan, and June 10th in Europe and North America.

Star Fox Zero

Star Fox Zero comes out next week worldwide, and if you haven’t seen enough gameplay footage for it: no problem! V-Jump uploaded their own video yesterday, and it showcases the first two levels of the game. The second one is actually played in co-op!

Here’s the video:

Star Fox Zero (Wii U) comes out on April 21st in Japan, and April 22nd in Europe and North America.



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