Kirby Star Allies: all the details, pictures, videos from the official Twitter account

Kirby Star Allies

Just like Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Super Mario Odyssey, Splatoon 2, and many others, Kirby Star Allies is getting regular updates on Twitter. Those share various details about the game, but also some pictures and even a few videos. In this post, we’re going to gather all the details, screenshots, artworks, and videos for the game!

This post only covers the most recent updates. For the previous ones, make sure to check out the archives post linked at the bottom of this page!

June 19th

Today, HAL Laboratory shared more details about Daroach, one of the two Dream Friends to be added via the upcoming Software update. It turns out that our mousey little friend can actually use the Triple Star, which originally appeared in Kirby: Squeak Squad / Kirby Mouse Attack… just like Daroach himself! In fact, the Triple Star is an Ability Kirby gets by defeating Daroach’s dark form.

Here’s an updated version of his intro video:

HAL Laboratory also shared more details about Dark Meta Knight, a couple of days ago. We learn that can use techniques to reflect enemy attacks.

Here’s the updated version of his intro video:

June 1st

Today, HAL Laboratory finally revealed the second Dream Friend to be added in the second free update for the game… it’s Dark Meta Knight, from Kirby and the Amazing Mirror!

May 29th

Today, HAL Laboratory began teasing the second Dream Friend to be added in the second free udpate for the game, coming this Summer. Can you guess who it is?

May 25th

The latest Twitter update is once again about Daroach, and showcases one of his attacks… an ice beam! Here’s an updated version of the video introducing him:

May 22nd

Today, HAL Laboratory revealed the first Dream Friend to be added to the game via the second free update for Kirby Star Allies… Daroach, from Kirby Mouse Attack / Kirby Squeak Squad!

May 18th

Today, HAL Laboratory announced that the second free update for Kirby Star Allies will be released this Summer. Like the previous one, it will add new Dream Friends, and in fact, they’ve already started teasing the first one. Can you guess who it is?

April 3rd

Today, Nintendo shared the following:

  • a screenshot showing the new illustration that was added with the free update released last week;
  • a screenshot showing the title screen, where more characters now appear.

March 28th and March 30th

Last week, the following was shared:

  • some screenshots showing the new Dream Friends, added via a free Software update last week. Did you know that in “that mode”, if you head into specific levels with them, the level design will change?
  • some screenshots showing some of the secrets that were added to the game along with the new Dream Friends: hidden litographs, new statues for the Stone Copy Abilities, and more…

March 21st

Today, Nintendo shared the following:

  • an artwork of Zan Partizanne, the leader of the Jambastion mages, who has taken over the Kirby 25th Anniversary account (as far as Kirbu Star Allies is concerned)!

March 17th

Today, Nintendo shared a new video for Kirby Star Allies, introducing Flamberge: one of the three Jambastion mages in the game!

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Kirby Star Allies (Switch) comes out on March 16th, worldwide.

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