JP News (Sept. 27, Round 2): Mercenaries Saga 3, Famitsu previews

Today’s Japanese news: Mercenaries Saga 3 announced for the Nintendo 3DS, but also…

  • Famitsu previews

Mercenaries Saga 3

Today, Rideon Japan announced Mercenaries Saga 3, the third entry in their series of S-RPG on Nintendo 3DS. It will be released next week in Japan (on October 5th), via the Nintendo eShop, and will cost 500 Yen.

Here’s a trailer and some screenshots from the official website:

Naturally, it’s extremely likely that Circle Ent. will bring the game to Europe and North America, like they did with the first two entries. While we wait for a confirmation, why not check out our updated Upcoming Releases page?


This week, the following games will be showcased in Famitsu magazine:

  • RPG Maker Fes (Nintendo 3DS, releasing on November 24th in Japan): the magazine will showcase some of the pre-made characters and monsters that players can use to create their own RPG.

  • Monster Hunter Stories (Nintendo 3DS, releasing on October 8th in Japan): the magazine will have a 8-page article with new details (including the tropical Kupuni Village and its unique Felynes), recap of previously-revealed details, and more. Famitsu will also launch a Famitsu Rider Corner, with a round-table discussion, 4-koma manga, and more.

Here’s the Famitsu preview, along with some screenshots:

Finally, here’s some pictures of the Monster Hunter Stories amiibo (courtesy of e-Capcom):


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