Japanese news (July 26th): Fire Emblem Fates Drama CD Boxset, Splatoon

Today’s Japanese news:

  • Fire Emblem Fates Drama CD Boxset [Update!]
  • Splatoon
  • Puzzle & Dragons X (anime series)
  • Cosen Summer Sale (Nintendo eShop)

Fire Emblem Fates Drama CD Boxset

Update: here’s the packaging for all Drama CDs (including the Complete Box)!

Source: Famitsu


Heads up for Fire Emblem fans: in Japan, a boxset with 4 Fire Emblem Fates drama CD will be released on September 21st, and will cost 12 400 Yen. You can read more details about it over at Serenes Forest.

Source: Otomart
Thanks Oscar for the heads up!


Last year, during Summer, Nintendo held a special event for kids trying to get into Splatoon. During one week, they could play on the Splatoon Global Testfire Demo, in order to learn how to play, use the weapons, and more. And the event will be back this year, and will take place from August 1st to August 8th, from 9AM to 10AM every day.

The following stages will be playable:

  • Walleye Warehouse
  • Saltspray Rig

The following weapons will be available:

  • Splattershot Jr.
  • Splattershot
  • Splat Roller
  • Splat Charger

If you have a Japanese Wii U, you can download the Splatoon by clicking here!

Source: Nintendo

Puzzle & Dragons X (anime series)

Today, GungHo announced that the various episodes of the Puzzle & Dragons X anime series had already been watched 4 million times “worldwide”. That includes 1 million times in Japan alone, and 3 million times in China.

Source: 4Gamer.net

Cosen Summer Sale (Nintendo eShop)

From July 27th to August 10th, the following Wii U games will be discounted on the Nintendo eShop:

  • Fullblast: 400 Yen (instead of 500 Yen)
  • 99Moves: 240 Yen (instead of 300 Yen)
  • DartsUP: 160 Yen (instead of 200 Yen)
  • Super Toy Cars: 720 Yen (instead of 900 Yen)
  • Karakuri Wooden Sen’sey: 800 Yen (instead of 1 000 Yen)
  • Puddle: 720 Yen (instead of 900 Yen)
  • Kung Fu Rabbit: 480 Yen (instead of 600 Yen)

Our Nintendo eShop Sales page will be updated momentarily!

Source: Famitsu



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