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Last month, published a rather lengthy article about game creators in Japan. It’s an annual feature in which the creators talk about what impacted the most during the past year, and what they have in store for 2016. Unsurprisingly, quite a few of them picked up the passing of Satoru Iwata as their most impactful event for 2015.

Yoshinori Ono (Capcom)

He shared several anecdotes:

  • the times he met Satoru Iwata, following the launch of the Nintendo 3DS. Together, they talked old gadgets, the time when computer were programmed in assembly, and more.
  • the time he had diner with him.
  • the time he asked him to sign a copy of Balloon Fight, and how courteous he was.
  • the time he was seated next to Satoru Iwata in a flight back to Japan, from San Francisco. Together, they talked about games, movies, and the entertainment business in general.

Quite naturally, he was shocked to learn about Satoru Iwata’s passing, and said he would always keep him in his memory.

Yosuke Hayashi (Producer at Koei-Tecmo)

He believes Satoru Iwata had the power to influence the industry as a whole, and he’s quite saddened by that loss. According to him, creators really need to work hard, so that people don’t go and say the industry has become boring without Iwata. He seems to consider it a duty to make the industry grow.

Teruyuki Toriyama (Sony Japan Studio)

He didn’t list all of Satoru Iwata’s achievements (including how he was considered a genius programmer), as he feels that they’re quite well-known now. He find it quite regrettable that he passed away so soon.

Kentaro Motomura (Sony Japan Studio)

Even though he never met Satoru Iwata personally, he was quite shocked and saddened to learn about his passing.

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