[Japan] Nintendo 3DS Themes of the week (Feb. 10)

This week, a total of 18 Nintendo 3DS Themes were released in Japan, which is significantly more than during the past few weeks. Once again, the line-up is pretty varied, with a theme for Ashley, several for J-Pop groups, quite a few for selector destructed WIXOSS, and much more.

Here’s the full line-up of Nintendo 3DS Themes released yesterday in Japan:

  • Ashley no Mahou (Nintendo): 200 Yen

Head after the break for the rest of the line-up!

  • lol-lol-l: 「ladi dadi」 (RecoChoku): 200 Yen

  • Gacharic Spin: 「MUSIC BATTLER」 (RecoChoku): 200 Yen

  • Charisma.com: 「Subliminal ・ Diet」 (RecoChoku): 200 Yen

  • Ganbare! Victory 「Seishun! Hero」 (RecoChoku): 200 Yen

  • Sandclock 「LIFE IS FANTASY」 (RecoChoku): 200 Yen

  • chouchou merged syrups.「Last Dancer」 (RecoChoku): 200 Yen

  • ZYUN.「Kageokuri」 (RecoChoku): 200 Yen

  • selector destructed WIXOSS: Unmei no Danpen (FuRyu): 200 Yen
  • selector destructed WIXOSS: Kansen, Manen, Soshite… (FuRyu): 200 Yen
  • selector destructed WIXOSS: Sono Sentaku wa… (FuRyu): 200 Yen
  • Dragon Ball Super: Vegeta SSGSS (Bandai-Namco): 200 Yen
  • Nazo no Mini Game Choigae: Nazo no Mini Game Shuu (Mechanic Arms): 150 Yen
  • Nazo no Mini Game Choigae: Battle Scene (Mechanic Arms): 150 Yen
  • Nazo no Mini Game Choigae: Yuusha-tachi (Mechanic Arms): 150 Yen
  • Hime Kyun Fruits Can 「Kakusei Mirai」 (RecoChoku): 200 Yen

  • LOCAL CONNECT 「Shiawase no Arika」 (RecoChoku): 200 Yen

  • [ONE PIECE]Trafalgar ・ Law (Bandai-Namco): 200 Yen

Here’s a screencap for every single theme in the list above:

Source: Nintendo



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