Japan: Karaoke Joysound available on Nintendo 3DS

Last week, XING Inc. (who already operates Wii Karaoke U on Wii U) launched Karaoke Joysound for the Nintendo 3DS. It’s a Karaoke app which gives access to over 100 000 songs, and actually uses the various features of the Nintendo 3DS, and not just the microphone. For example, the 3D effect on the top screen is used to make the lyrics pop up.

Some of the features include changeable backgrounds, voice analysis, online leaderboards, and more. You can search songs according to various criteria: specific period, songs that fits your vocal range, and more. The inside camera is also used to record the singer, so you can check out their face while they’re singing.

The software requires an online connection to work, and there’s three different tickets (+ a special offline pack) you can buy:

– 1 day ticket: 300 Yen + taxes
– 7 days ticket: 500 Yen + taxes
– 30 days ticket: 1 000 Yen + taxes
– Special pack (which can be used offline): 500 Yen + taxes

Here’s some screenshots for Karaoke Joysound on Nintendo 3DS:

Unfortunately, we don’t know if Kaorake Joysound will get a European release, like Wii Karaoke U did.

Source: 4Gamer.net



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