NintendoLife: MercurySteam worked on a Metroid prototype for Wii U / 3DS

Over the past few years, we’ve heard of quite a few Metroid projects cancelled (either confirmed or rumoured), and the one unearthed by Liam Robertson is certainly intriguing. Apparently, MercurySteam (the studio behind the Castlevania: Lords of Shadow games) has been pitching a FPS Metroid to Nintendo.

In Late May, the studio began hiring in earnest for this project, and was hoping to bring in some talented developers from other Spanish studios. The game was supposed to be a FPS set in a post-apocalytic world, with Samus as the main characters but with other bounty hunters playable (a bit like those from Metroid Prime Hunters).

Unfortunately for some, fortunately for others, it looks like Nintendo turned down the pitch: not only did the developers and associated contacts went silent, but MercurySteam was hit by a small series of departures recently. Apparently, the studio (naively) told applicants what their project was all about before pitching it in the first place (which is most likely how the whole thing ended up leaking).

Then shortly after, MercurySteam started teasing their new game, which does share some similarities with the Metroid prototype. Apparently, from the very beginning, the developers had planned to convert the prototype into something else, in case their pitch was turned down.

Source: NintendoLife



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