Infinite Minigolf announced for the Nintendo Switch, out this Spring

A few weeks ago, Party Golf was announced for the Nintendo Switch. It’s a couchplay, 2D game, quite different from what you’d expect from a (mini) golf game. Fortunately, there’s a more “traditional” minigolf game coming to the Nintendo Switch this Spring, courtesy of Zen Studios: Infinite Minigolf!

If you’re wondering what the infinite in the title refers to, it’s the level editor. Players can use various tools to create courses, and then share them with other players via the internet. You can place course titles (the very basics), and then use various gameplay objects to spice them up. You will be able to find new courses via the Hole Browser, if you don’t feel like creating something on your own.

The game can be played in multiplayer (local and online), with up to 8 players, with various tournaments and competition systems. Do you prefer to play on your own? No problem: Inifinite Minigolf will also have several Single Player modes!

According to the developers, Infinite Minigolf features “incredibly accurate ball physics”, “dazzling graphics”, “detailed environments” (each with their own visual themes and gameplay gimmicks).

Here’s a trailer and some screenshots for the game:


Infinite Minigolf (Switch – eShop) will be released this Spring in Europe and North America. The Upcoming Releases page has been updated!



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