Indie news (Aug. 3): Phantom Trigger / forma.8 coming to the Nintendo Switch / Blaster Master Zero

Today’s Indie news: trailer and release date for Phantom Trigger, but also…

  • forma.8
  • Blaster Master Zero
  • Chicken Wiggle
  • Gear.Club Unlimited
  • Cat Quest
  • 36 Fragments of Midnight
  • Retro City Rampage DX
  • Cave Story+
  • Putty Pals
  • Kid Tripp
  • VoxelMaker

 Phantom Trigger

Earlier this week, tinyBuild announced that Phantom Trigger would be released on August 10th in Europe and North America. Here’s the full trailer:

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forma.8 is a 2D adventure game released on Wii U earlier this year. MixedBag Games previously teased a Nintendo Switch port, and yesterday, they finally confirmed it: yes, forma.8 is indeed headed to the Nintendo Switch! Unfortunately, we will have to wait a little bit for the release date…

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Source: MixedBag Games

Blaster Master Zero

Today, Inti Creates announced that Blaster Master Zero had already been downloaded over 100 000 times worldwide. The last time we got sales data, the game was at 80 000 units sold: it looks like the game is selling at a steady pace, like Azure Striker Gunvolt did!

To celebrate the milestone, Inti Creates have shared a wallpaper: you can find it in several sizes on the official website! Here’s what it looks like:

Source: Inti Creates

Chicken Wiggle

Good news for players patiently waiting for Chicken Wiggle: the game has been approved for released by both Nintendo of Europe and Nintendo of America. That means the release date will be announced pretty soon… tomorrow, actually!

Speaking of Chicken Wiggle, it was revealed yesterday that the game would get some power-ups. Here’s some footage of the Hero Mask:

Also, here’s some more gameplay footage for the game:

Source: Jools Watsham

Gear.Club Unlimited

Here’s the teaser trailer for Gear.Club Unlimited, releasing on the Nintendo Switch this Fall:

Cat Quest

Here’s the second Dev Diary video for Cat Quest, coming to the Nintendo eShop at the end of the year:

36 Fragments of Midnight

We already knew that 36 Fragments of Midnight was in the works for the Nintendo 3DS, but yesterday, Petite Games announced that it would also be released on the Nintendo Switch. However, it’s not clear whether the release will be simultaneous or not…

Here’s one new screenshot:

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Source: Petite Games

Retro City Rampage DX

Here’s the latest video clips for Retro City Rampage DX, which is now available on Nintendo Switch  in Europe and North America:

By the way, if you’re looking for some Retro City Rampage avatars, Vblank Entertainment got you covered… you will find 127 of them on the official website!

Cave Story+

In a few days, Cave Story+ is getting an update. It will bring two things:

  • co-op
  • classic graphics option

Yesterday, Nicalis shared another screenshot of the classic graphics option, that is bound to please fans of the original version of the game:

And here’s a short video clip:

Unfortunately, we still don’t know when this udpate will be released… just that it will be sometime this month! It has already been approved for release by Nintendo of America, and only Nintendo of Europe need to approve it now.

Source: Nicalis

Putty Pals

Here’s a trailer for Putty Pals, coming soon to the Nintendo eShop of the Nintendo Switch:

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Kid Tripp

Earlier today, Four Horses published the 6th and last development blog post for the Nintendo Switch version of Kid Tripp, which was ported to the console in a week. If you’re interested, click here to check it out for yourself!

Kid Tripp (Switch – eShop) does not have a release date yet.


Originally released on Wii U, VoxelMaker is now available on Nintendo 3DS in North America. If you’re from Europe, you only have one week to wait, as it will be released next Thursday (August 10th) in that region.

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Source: Nostatic Software


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