Idol Manager: launch trailer

PLAYISM have shared a brand new trailer for Idol Manager, the idol managing sim developed by Glitch Pitch and releasing this Friday in Europe, North America, and Japan. The game is already available for digital pre-purchase on the Nintendo eShop.

Here’s the launch trailer for the game:

In Idol Manger, you will get to play as the manager of an idol group trying to build an entertainment empire from the ground up. You will need to audition for idols, and then cultivate their talents to have them become the next pop superstars.

Here’s some additional details and some screenshots for the game:

Make the dreams of aspiring idols-to-be come true, and build an entertainment empire from the ground up… by any means necessary. Carefully audition new talent to dominate the scene with ever-popular idol groups, but also take calculated risks to make the headlines, after all, any press is good press.

When it comes to idols, their personal life is a business concern. Manage idols’ time and access to social media, live streaming, and even dating. Dare to get involved up close with them, and increase morale and the drive for success by building personal relationships with the talent…but beware of any potential scandal or the impact on group morale.

Idol Manager (Switch) comes out on August 25th worldwide.



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