Hex Heroes: new gameplay video shows combat, developers tease Switch news

Earlier today, Prismatic Games posted the latest Kickstarter update for Hex Heroes, a Party RTS for the Wii U. The update basically consists in a gameplay video showcasing combat, complete with commentary.

What’s pretty interesting about that video is that it’s running on Wii U, and at 60fps to boot. In a previous update, the developers talked about how hard it was for them to get the game running at a decent framerate, so it’s pretty good to see they have been able to optimise the game to reach 60fps on Wii U.

The video showcases the two movements “modes”:

  • What’s in common between the two modes: in battle, an arrow appears around your hero. To move, you have to input the right direction using the control stick, and press B. The red hexes show where enemy attacks will land, and green hexes correspond to where your character can move to. Avoiding enemy attacks and landing consecutive hits increases your combo counter, and lets you deal more damage;
  • Snap mode: the camera locks on enemies, and the move arrow then snaps on the hexes around you, letting you know where to plan your next moves. You press B to attack enemies;
  • Free mode: you can move in any direction and keep attacking at the same time. This is great for players who want to keep an eye on several targets at once. This allows you to direct attacks where you think they’re the most needed.

Unlike the Knight, which is a melee-focused character, the Mage is focused on ranged attacks. As such, you need to keep characters like the Knight between you and enemies, to avoid getting into trouble.

In this game, having a good knowledge of your surrounding and the position of the other player is key. After all, you cannot move to a hex already occupied (either by an enemy or an ally).

Finally, the developers tease some Nintendo Switch news for later this week:

We’ll be back after Nintendo’s Switch announcement on the 12th to discuss more about the platform

Does that mean Hex Heroes is getting a Nintendo Switch port later down the line? Only a few days left before we find out!

Hex Heroes (Wii U eShop) should be released later this year. Right now, the team is focusing on polishing the game.

Source: Primastic Games (Kickstarter)



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