Game Builder Garage: overview trailer, TV Commercials (Japan)

In exactly two weeks, Nintendo will release Game Builder Garage on Nintendo Switch. This piece of Software allows kids (and grownups!) to learn how to make their own games using guided lessons created by actual Nintendo developers. They were made so that anyone can learn at their own pace.

If you’re wondering what this rather unique piece of Software has to offer, make sure to check out the overview trailer shared by Nintendo yesterday:

Learn to make games from the minds at Nintendo! Kids can learn how to make their own games with guided lessons created by Nintendo. From a simple game of tag to a run-and-jump obstacle course, each lesson is broken down into multiple, manageable segments that let kids go at their own pace—and have fun in the process.

Also, here’s a few TV Commercials from Japan:

Game Builder Garage (Switch) comes out on June 11th worldwide.



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