France: some sales data (Nintendo Switch @ 1 million units, Top 20 Software, Top publishers, more)

Nintendo Switch @ 1 million units

In the Figaro Economie newspaper, Nintendo reveals that the Nintendo Switch has sold over 1 million units in France, as of last week. In other words, Nintendo’s latest console has sold over 1 million units in France in less than a year, which is an all-time record for any console in the country.

In November and December, the Nintendo Switch sold no less than 460 000 units, which shows that Nintendo promising more shipments for the holiday season wasn’t just for Japan or North America.

Source: Figaro Economie
Via: Chloé Woitier (Twitter)

France: 2017 sales

Today, the S.E.L.L. (French equivalent of the ESA) published their annual “Essentiel du Jeu Video” report about the video game market in France. You can click here to check it out in full (French only at the moment), but here’s some choice data, starting with the Top 20 Software! Important note: data below is physical only.

Last year, Nintendo managed to get 5 Nintendo Switch exclusives and 2 Nintendo 3DS exclusives in the all-platform Top 20 Software:

  • The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – 511 191 units sold and 37 738 446€ in sales
    • Nintendo Switch: 392 207 units and 23 932 475€ in sales
    • Wii U: 6 782 095€ in sales
  • Mario Kart 8 Deluxe – 501 515 units sold and 26 358 197€ in sales
  • Super Mario Odyssey – 399 721 units sold and 20 023 818€ in sales
  • Splatoon 2 – 230 826 units sold and 12 525 956€
  • Pokémon Ultra Sun – 192 904 units sold
  • 1-2-Switch – 190 996 units sold and 8 683 406€ in sales
  • Pokémon Ultra Moon – 166 369 units sold

If we take a look at the Top 20 Software by platform, we can find another Nintendo exclusive:

  • Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle – 7 307 774€ in sales

Also, Nintendo largely dominated sales as far as publishers go, selling almost twice as many games as Electronic Arts (that ranked #2). Nintendo was always at or near the top even during the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U era, so it does make sense that they would dominate in such a way with a console as successful as the Nintendo Switch!

Left is sales by units, left is sales by revenue:

Source: S.E.L.L.



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