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Fire Emblem Warriors: more details about the 3rd DLC Pack (Fire Emblem Awakening), Ver. 1.5.0

Today, Fire Emblem Warriors is featured in Famitsu magazine one last time, because of the third and last paid DLC Pack (which is based on Fire Emblem Awakening). But the article does feature a little mistake: the release date is March 29th (effectively March 28th for North America, time zones oblige), and not March 22nd as listed in the magazine.

Today, Koei-Tecmo updated the official website for the game, providing additional details about the contents of the DLC Pack. Let’s start with the 3 characters included:

  • Owain (Class: Myrmidon, Weapon: Sword)
  • Tharja (Class: Dark Mage, Weapon: Tome)
  • Olivia (Class: Dancer, Weapon: Sword)

There’s also some more History Mode maps:

  • Scion of Legend (featuring Owain): a mysterious swordsman seeking the Legendary Blade, Mystletainn, appears at a certain village;
  • Emmeryn (featuring Tharja): in order to rescue Emmeryn, Chrom and the band travels to Plegia, and ends up encountering a mysterious fellow causing non-stop mischief;
  • Caravan Dancer (featuring Olivia): as the Plegian soldiers leave for the battlefield, a dancer heads towards battle with determination.

As for the new costumes, we have the following:

  • Chrom: Exalt
  • Lissa: Sage
  • Cordelia: Dark Flier

But that’s not all. There’s also some new “armour break” outfits, for the following characters:

  • Chrom, Lucina, Robin, Lissa, Frederick, Cordelia, Owain, Tharja, Olivia

More interested in weapons? No problem, this DLC Pack got you covered with the following exclusive weapons:

  • Robin: Thoron
  • Lissa: Lissa’s Healing Axe
  • Frederick: Frederick’s Tough Axe
  • Cordelia: Cordelia’s Spear
  • Owain: Mystletainn
  • Tharja: Tharja’s Hex
  • Olivia: Olivia’s Blade

The DLC Pack also adds three new weapon skills:

  • one that increases the damage dealt by attacks taking advantage of elements of the battle system;
  • one that increases the speed of attacks (equivalent to Chrom’s Spatha, previously available only via the Chrom amiibo)
  • one that increases all stats, except movement speed (equivalent to Tiki’s Tear, previously available only via the Tiki amiibo)

Finally, there’s some new skills:

  • Vengeance (Tharja)
  • Galeforce (Olivia)

A quick note about the extra DLC: with the exception of the characters, all the extra content is unlocked via the History Mode maps.

Here’s some pictures for the contents of the DLC Pack:

Finally, here’s the patch notes for the Ver. 1.5.0 update for Fire Emblem Warriors, launching alongside the DLC Packs:

  • level cap raised from 130 to 150
  • adds a new weapon skill: Legendary (allows you to raise the attack power of a regular weapon to the same level as a Hero’s unique weapon), available via a random drop;
  • adds new Blessings:
    • Speed Blessing, Luck Blessing: increase Speed / Luck;
    • Healing Blessing: allows all units to automatically recover some HP, little by little;
    • Transport Blessing: increases the amount of materials you can earn from drops;
    • Master Blessing: increase the number, level, quality, and number of skills, of weapons earned via drops;
    • Ordinary Materials Blessing: makes it easier to get ordinary/common materials from drops;
    • Infernal Blessing: raises the level of all enemies to Lvl. 150 [available from the “Blessings” menu, at the Temple]
    • Tactician Blessing:  while wearing this, a unit will not be able to deal any damage to enemies. On the other hand, the units not controlled by the player will see their attack power increased. Basically, this Blessing allows you to play exclusively by giving orders to other units, like an actual Tactician. [available from the “Blessings” menu, at the Temple] 
  • adds Level Reset: allows you to reset the level of a unit (to Lvl. 1), and get materials in return;
  • adds support for the Video Capture feature;
  • makes improvement to the UI of the battle screen;
  • fixes various bugs.

For more details about the DLC for Fire Emblem Warriors, make sure to check out this page. If you’re looking for details about the various Software updates, it’s this one!

Source: Koei-Tecmo


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