Fire Emblem Warriors getting update with free DLC next week (Ver. 1.2.0), English voice pack for Japan

We already know that Fire Emblem Warriors is getting three DLC Packs, including new characters, new weapons, new maps for History Mode, and more. If those paid DLC were not enough for you, no problem: Koei-Tecmo just announced that Fire Emblem Warriors would get an update next week (on November 16th), Ver. 1.2.0, adding some free DLC at the same time!

This Ver. 1.2.0 update is for both the Nintendo Switch and New Nintendo 3DS version of the game (obviously), and will add a new map for History Mode, new costumes for Lianna and Rowan, and more. And all this is separate from the first DLC pack, that will be released in December, and you don’t need to purchase the Season Pass or anything to get it. It’s cmpletely free, really.

Here’s the details about the free additional content included in this update for Fire Emblem Warriors:

  • New History Mode map: “Targeted Elimination”. A map where Lianna and Rowan fight various Heroes in the Coliseum;
  • New weapon characteristic: “Destroy Armour”. When an opponent is hit by a weapon with that characteristic, they enter an “armour break” state, and their defense + magic defense drops. However, there’s a catch: if you get hit by a strong attack from the enemy, then you will also enter that “armour break” state.
  • New “Destroyed clothes”: when Lianna and Rowan enter the “armour break” state, then their armour is destroyed, and you can see them wearing a “new outfit”
  • New costumes for Lianna and Rowan: Gold Princess and Gold Prince.

This update will also fix various issues, and will add other elements like new blessings, the ability to sales weapons in bulk, and more.

Finally, alongside that update, Koei-Tecmo will also release the English voice pack (the Japanese equivalent of the Japanese voice pack Europe and North America got at launch), available for free. It will be available for free from the Nintendo eShop, and will not be included in the Software update.

Here’s some pictures for the free DLC included in the upcoming update for Fire Emblem Warriors:

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