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Fire Emblem Warriors: details and pictures for the 1st DLC Pack (Fire Emblem Fates)

Earlier this week, Famitsu magazine revealed that the first DLC Pack for Fire Emblem Fates, inspired by Fire Emblem Fates, would be released on November 21st worldwide. Well… technically, the date is only for Japan, but Koei-Tecmo always released DLC Packs simultaneously worldwide for Hyrule Warriors and Hyrule Warriors Legends, so there’s really no reason the company to do things differently this time around.

As mentioned on this page, the DLC Pack includes the following:

  1. New characters: Azura, Niles, Oboro
  2. New History Mode scenarios: 3
  3. New costumes: 5

First, let’s start with the new characters: Azura, Niles, and Oboro. Azura being a key character in Fire Emblem Fates, it’s no wonder she was picked. As for Niles and Oboro, it turns out they already appear in the game (albeit in a non-playable form).

  • Azura (class: Songstress. Weapon: Lance): using the power of Song, she can fill up the Warrior and Awakening gauges of nearby allies;
  • Oboro (class: Spear Fighter. Weapon: Lance): using her Counter skill, she can create a shockwave by defending against an enemy’s strong attack. This makes the stun gauge appear above the enemy unit;
  • Niles (class: Thief. Weapon: Bow): his skill, Lethality, increases the probability of Critical Hits dealing more damage than usual.

As mentioned previously, those new characters also get their own set of bond conversations!

As for the additional History Mode maps, we have…

  • Grief (featuring Azura)
  • Land of Gods (featuring Oboro)
  • Cold Reception (featuring Niles)

NB: official English names of the maps TBC.

There’s also some additional costumes… 5 to be precise! They are for the following characters:

  • Corrin (Female): Hoshido Noble (unlocked via the new History Mode maps)
  • Corrin (Male): Nohr Noble (unlocked via the new History Mode maps)
  • Takumi: Butler (unlocked via the new History Mode maps)
  • Camilla: Maid (unlocked via the new History Mode maps)
  • Azura: Dark Songstress (available right away)

Also, the following characters are also getting “destroyed clothes”:

  • Corrin (Male)
  • Corrin (Female)
  • Azura
  • Xander
  • Camilla
  • Leo
  • Elise
  • Niles
  • Ryouma
  • Hinoka
  • Takumi
  • Sakura
  • Oboro

And here’s the three additional weapons included in this DLC Pack:

  • Azura: Blessed Lance
  • Oboro: Oboro’s Spear
  • Niles: Nile’s Bow

Thought that was all for this DLC Pack? Well, you were wrong, there’s still more! Next, we have some additional weapon characteristics:

  • Mantle: increase the attack power of character exclusive weapons
  • Swordbreaker: increases damage against enemies using Swords
  • Axebreaker: increases damage against enemies using Axes
  • Lancebreaker: increases damage against enemies using Lances
  • Bowbreaker: increases damage against enemies using Bows
  • Tomebreaker: increases damage against enemies using Tomes
  • Dragonstonebreaker: increases damage against enemies using Dragonstones
  • Talonbreaker: increase damage against enemies using Talons.

NB: some English names TBC.

The DLC Pack will also include a new item called Bond: makes it easier for the Bond between two characters to grow when equiped.

Finally, here’s some pictures for this first paid DLC Pack:

But before you can enjoy the contents of this first paid DLC Pack, you will first need to download the latest update for the game: Ver. 1.3.0. Head over to the Fire Emblem Warriors Updates page for more details!

The first paid DLC Pack for Fire Emblem Warriors will be released on December 21st worldwide, on Nintendo Switch and New Nintendo 3DS. For more details about the various DLC Packs, make sure to check out this page!

Source: Koei-Tecmo


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