Fire Emblem Heroes – Forging Bonds events [#2: Rejecting Destiny]

Fire Emblem Heroes – Forging Bonds – Next or current event

The 2nd Forging Bonds event for Fire Emblem Heroes is called Rejecting Destiny, and it will take place from August 24th to September 7th. Here’s the Event Characters:

  • Veronica, Brave Princess
  • Ephraim, Sacred Twin Lord
  • Celica, Warrior Priestess
  • Hector, Brave Warrior

Fire Emblem Heroes Forging Bonds 2 chara

Important note: you can get those Heroes via a Summoning Focus!

And here’s the list of accessories that give you a friendship boost:

Fire Emblem Heroes Forging Bonds 2 accessories

Here’s the list of stages:

And finally, here’s the list of rewards (there’s a separate set for each character):

Fire Emblem Heroes – Forging Bonds – Changes from previous event

In the first Forging Bonds event, you got 1 Orb the first time you cleared a map each day, and for 14 days. This time, you get 2 Orbs the first time you clear a map each day, but only during 7 days. In other words, you get the same amount of Orbs, but faster!

Also, starting with this event, the amount of friendship and the type of friendship that is easiest to gain will change every hour.

Fire Emblem Heroes – Forging Bonds – What is it?

Forging Bonds is a new type of event for Fire Emblem Heroes, where you get to grow closer to a specific set of Heroes (the Event Characters). By clearing stages, and defeating enemies, you get to earn “hearts” (called friendship) that allow you to deepen your bond with a given Hero.

Fire Emblem Heroes Forging Bonds summoner

The deeper your bond with a Hero, the more rewards you get! You can get things such as Hero Feathers, Orbs, accessories, and even Divine Dew thanks to this event. You can also earn 2 Orb for the first stage you clear every day during 7 days (so 14 Orbs in total).

But it’s not just about rewards: increasing your friendship allows you to enjoy special conversations with the Event Characters. If you increase it with all 4 Event Characters, then you can even unlock even more special conversations.

Fire Emblem Heroes Forging Bonds convo

Here’s how you get friendship: you go to battle, and defeat enemies. Sometimes, those very enemies will drop chest, containing precious friendship. Your goal is pretty simple: open as many chests as possible.

Fire Emblem Heroes Forging Bonds chest

There are two ways to boost the amount of friendship you get:

  • during special times when the amount of friendship you can gain is boosted, and when  it’s easier to get friendship with a specific Event Character (NB: this changes every hour, so keep checking regularly to maximise the amount of friendship you can get!)

FEH Forging Bonds bonus

  • special accessories that you can wear (see the list above): those give you +25% friendship, and you can stack the bonuses too!

Fire Emblem Heroes Forging Bonds accessories

Unlike in other modes, enemies in Forging Bonds battles are always near the level of your own Heroes (though obviously, battles are easier in easier difficulties): you can take advantage of that to train them.

Finally, something important to keep in mind: despite what the name of the event might imply, Forging Bonds does not allow you to increase the Summoner Support level with the Event Characters (provided you have summoned them). That’s why there’s absolutely nothing to worry about if you haven’t summoned any of the Event Characters (yet): you can still take part in the event, and you won’t miss any bonus whatsoever.

Fire Emblem Heroes – Forging Bonds – Previous events

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