Fire Emblem Heroes – Fire Emblem: Three Houses promotion announced (free 5 ★ Byleth: Tested Professor)

Fire Emblem: Three Houses comes out on Nintendo Switch at the end of the month (on July 26th to be precise), and it will be the very first brand new mainline entry to be released after the launch of Fire Emblem Heroes in February 2017. And since Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia did get various events and promotions, it was all but guaranteed that Fire Emblem: Three Houses will get some too.

We don’t have full details about all that’s planned to celebrate the release of the game, but we already know that players who plan on buying Fire Emblem: Three Houses will be able to get a character for free. That character is 5 ★ Byleth: Tested Professor (male version of the protagonist), and it will be distributed for free to everyone who buy the game.

In order to receive your gift, you will need to link your Nintendo Account to Fire Emblem Heroes (if you haven’t already). Do note that it needs to be the same as the one linked to Fire Emblem: Three Houses on Nintendo Switch.

Here’s how it all works:

  1. Confirm that the same Nintendo Account is linked to your Nintendo Switch and Fire Emblem Heroes.
    1. On Nintendo Switch: tap User > User Settings > Check Nintendo Account settings > Enter your password and check the details displayed on the screen
    2. In Fire Emblem Heroes: in Ver. 3.7.0 or later, tap Misc > Account Management, and check that the details are the same as those displayed on Nintendo Switch
  2. Buy the game
    1. Retail: insert the game cart, select the Fire Emblem: Three Houses icon in the Home Menu and press + or – to head to the Options page. Tap My Nintendo Rewards Program, and then tap “Earn Points (Game Card Only)”
    2. Digital: purchase Fire Emblem: Three Houses using the user tied to the same Nintendo Account as the one linked to Fire Emblem Heroes. You can redeem a Nintendo Switch Game Voucher if you want. If you redeem a Download Code, make sure to do so with the user tied to the same Nintendo Account as the one linked to Fire Emblem Heroes.
  3. Redeem your Gold Coins before June 29th 2019. If you bought the digital version of the game, you don’t have anything to do since points are awarded automatically upon purchase. This step only applies to players who get the retail version.
  4. In Fire Emblem Heroes, tap Feh and collect the character as Log-in Bonus. Do note that it may take several days for the present to be delivered.

Important notes:

  • each copy of Fire Emblem: Three Houses can only grant you one 5 ★ Byleth: Tested Professor reward;
  • a single Nintendo Account cannot get 5 ★ Byleth: Tested Professor more than once

You can find more details about this promotion on the official website: click here for the FAQ!

By the way, the website reveals that Fire Emblem: Three Houses will be available for pre-purchase in “early July”, probably within the next few days (this very week?). Of course, you’re eligible for the promotion if you pre-purchase the game!

5 ★ Byleth: Tested Professor will be distributed from July 26th onwards. He will also appear in Summoning Focus events starting in late July, so don’t worry if you don’t plan on getting Fire Emblem: Three Houses (or cannot take part in the promotion for one reason or another).

As usual, you can find all there is to know about the various Events and Content Updates for Fire Emblem Heroes on this page!

Fire Emblem: Three Houses (Switch) comes out on July 26th worldwide.

Source: Nintendo



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