Fire Emblem Heroes: Events Calendar (February/March)

Another month, another Events Calendar for Fire Emblem Heroes! Wondering what’s coming to the game in February and early March? Then you’ve come to right place! As always, keep in mind the list below is not exhaustive: it simply provides an overview of the various Events and Content Updates coming to the game in the next few weeks. For the most up to date planning, make sure to check out the Events and Content Updates page!

Fire Emblem Heroes – Summoning Focus

  • Special Hero Summon (Year 2) (February 9th to February 16th)
  • Summoning Focus: Tempest Trials+ (February 9th to February 20th)
  • Summoning Focus: Bound Hero Battle (February 12th to Februar 18th)
  • Summoning Focus: New Power, Part 1 and 2 (February 13th to February 23rd)
  • Summoning Focus: Heroes with Blazing Light (February 23rd to March 4th)
  • 2nd Anniversary Heroes (February 25th to March 4th)
  • Legendary Hero Summoning Event (February 27th to March 6th)
  • New Heroes Summoning Event (February 20th to March 8th)
  • Summoning Focus: Heroes with Sweep Skills (March 4th to March 13th)
  • New Heroes Summoning Event (March 8th to ???)

Fire Emblem Heroes – Events

  • Bound Hero Battle: Cherche and Virion (February 12th to February 18th)
  • Tempest Trials+ (February 10th to February 20th)
  • Grand Conquests (February 16th to February 22nd)
  • Grand Hero Battle Revival: Jamke, Prince of Verdane (February 18th to February 24th)
  • Illusory Dungeon: Carryign the Flame (February 11th to March 4th)
  • Grand Hero Battle (February 24th to March 5th)
  • Forging Bonds (February 20th to March 6th)
  • Legendary Hero Battle (February 27th to March 6th)
  • Voting Gauntlet (February 28th to March 6th)
  • Bound Hero Battle Revival: Micaiah and Sothe (March 5th to March 11th)

Fire Emblem Heroes – Log-in Bonus

  • Tempest Trials+ Log-in Bonus (February 9th to February 20th)
  • New Heroes Log-in Bonus (February 20th to March 6th)
  • Voting Gauntlet Log-in Bonus (February 25th to March 11th)
  • New Heroes Log-in Bonus (March 8th to ???)

Fire Emblem Heroes – Quests

  • Arena Quests (February 22nd to March 8th)
  • Weapon Workout Quests (March 3rd to March 17th)

Fire Emblem Heroes – Others

  • Special Orb Promo: March Edition (March 7th to ???)

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