FAST RMX: additional details (controls, improvements, more), pricing revealed

Today, Nintendo Life published an interview with Manfred Linzner from Shin’en Multimedia, about FAST RMX (the enhanced and enriched version of FAST Racing Neo). In this interview, he shares some additional details about the game, such as the various improvements they were able to implement in this version:

  • resolution bumped to 1080p, and no more tricks to reach 60FPS (in fact, the tracks actually received various visual improvements!)
  • there’s a new user interface, quicker and more responsive than the previous one
  • there’s a new GRAPHICS option in the Pause menu, that lets you toggle effects like ‘Dynamic HDR Exposure’ and ‘Chromatic Aberration’
  • and more…

As far as controls go, players will have full control: they will be able to use Joy-Cons, the Pro Controller, the Joy-Con Grip, motion controls with any controller, and more. Even better: they will be able to switch controllers while playing if they want to.

But that’s not all: the game also lets you fully remap controls if you so desire. You can even do things like setting the boost to the control stick (by pressing it) if you want, letting you play even with a single Joy-Con.

Regarding multiplayer, Shin’en added a local multiplayer mode, which was missing from the Wii U version.

Finally, Manfred Linzner reveals the pricing: 19.99€/$!

Click here to check out the full interview, with even more (technical and less technical) details!

FAST RMX (Switch – eShop) comes out on March 3rd in Europe and North America.

Source: Nintendo Life



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