Fall of Porcupine lands on Nintendo Switch on June 15th

Assemble Entertainment has just announced that Fall of Porcupine, the story adventure developed by Critical Rabbit, will launch on June 15th in Europe and North America.

To celebrate the announcement, a brand new trailer for the game was shared:

If you really cannot wait for the full game to launch, make sure to download the demo version from the Nintendo eShop. It allows you to play through the prologue, called Last Days of Summer!

FALL OF PORCUPINE is a unique story adventure. The collision of work and daily life – an exciting reflection of an unhealthy system. In the supplemental LAST DAYS OF SUMMER we guide young Finley through his first weeks at a provincial hospital. He is on fire for his apprenticeship as an internist. But a lot of pressure makes Finley’s life difficult and our gameplay challenging

Finally, here’s some more details and some screenshots for Fall of Porcupine:

Young Finley moves from the city to the country to finish his training as an internist at St. Ursula Hospital. Finley is on fire for his job and is full of anticipation for his new workplace, colleagues and patients. But soon the daily grind sets in in the form of stress, overtime, and a harsh attending who makes life hell not only for Finley, but also for Mia, a shy colleague. Finley befriends her and the stubbornly friendly nurse Karl, with whom he tries to find out whether his life decisions were right during evening talks in the local pub. Finley increasingly doubts himself, his profession and its meaning. His uncertainty is further heightened by the villagers, some of whom accuse the hospital of inconsistencies and incompetence. Finley finds a balance to the stress of everyday life with his friend Pina. She doesn’t take life so hard and shows her best friend the Glowmilk Woods, which puts Finley in a wonderful, autumnal, melancholy mood. Here he experiences a moment of peace before he has to return to the hectic daily routine of his job, where completely different challenges await him. Dark machinations are at work and when Finley encounters them, everything changes once again. Will Finley have the strength to stand up to them?

It’s been quite the winter for the town of Porcupine. The many, many feet of snow left its residents confined to their fireplaces and coziest blankets as they enjoyed the holiday season with friends and family. But, the time for hibernation is over for Porcupine’s residents, as there is a big day on the horizon!  Join the newest resident of Porcupine, Finley, as he seeks to find his way through an ever-changing and emotional new chapter of his life. 

Stepping into the town of Porcupine for the first time, players will take to the worn and well-loved scrubs of Dr. Finley, the newest fledgling medical practitioner to step through the doors of the Porcupine hospital. At first glance, the town and its people hold up to its quiet, small-town vibe. But as you experience the heart-tugging story of Fall of Porcupine unfolds, you’ll see that not everything is as it seems. Not everyone is honest with themselves and others, the healthcare industry is not as illustrious as it seemed in medical school, and the work/life balance Finley strives toward might be harder to achieve than he could have ever imagined.   

  • Where the Wild Things get their Healthcare: Build relationships with the eclectic and intriguing citizens of Porcupine through deep and engaging conversations. Watch your words, as who knows just what might get you on someone’s bad side.
  • Soft and Sensitive: Finley’s adventures (and misadventures) lead to sensitive territory dealing with themes like death, illness, mental health, and grief. Fall of Porcupine sensitively tackles each of these with approachable storylines, relatable characters, and resonating dialogue. 
  • A Journey for the Whole Family: Fall of Porcupine’s tightly-built gameplay and controls means that anybody can pick-up and play with ease. No matter if you’re a first-time player, or a 2D side-scrolling expert, Fall of Porcupine will make you feel right at home.
  • Oh, the Places You’ll See (and Hear): The wonderfully illustrated world of Fall of Porcupine will take you through a beautiful world of color and wonder, while the top-tier soundtrack will resonate every moment from the tips of your eardrums to the bottom of your heart.   

Fall of Porcupine (Switch – eShop) comes out on June 15th in Europe and North America.

Source: Assemble Entertainment PR (04/05/2023)


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